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They’re gettin’ bigger..

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

The weather has been nice and the water temps have warmed a few degrees bringing the lakes back to life. With water temps in the low 40’s the Brown trout are still somewhat sluggish and it is only a matter of time before they are back at it- crushing lures and jumping for the skies. On April 24th, 2010 Brandon and I meet up and started fishing hard with big lures- it was one year before when Brandon got a 8.5 pounder from this lake so we had high hopes. But after 3 .5 hr of swerving around shore fisherman and other boats we only had 4 small Bows barely bigger than our lures. We wrapped it up and head back to a different lake hoping to salvage our day. Actually Brandon and I set out goal for each trip – we are looking for a Brown 5 pounds or bigger. To most that is a trophy fish but to us, it is our baseline for a decent trip. We got to the lake and were surprised when hardly any boats were out fishing. I tied on a lure I just recently AirBrushed with a custom Rainbow pattern and 15 mins later had a nice- 21 inch male brown. We shook him off and started back down the trolling line, after 2 passes Brandon got a nice silvery Cutthrought , that hit hard and fooled us into thinking we had another brown.  We released it and kept going.  Then I got a smaller cutty as well.  Not much later I got a nice bite in shallow water on a fast troll from a nice 23 inch brown, who had just recently been eating good. He had a full gullet but skinney tail section . Almost 5 pounds but not quite – still this fish made our day and was released to grow bigger. 

The next day I got out there real quick  at 6 am and trolled till 9 am. for only one nice 23 inch Brown.  It hit hard and half way thru the fight it stuck me into a bush. –I looped back around the other side and pulled him out- thinking I had a toad- but actually it was kinda skinny .. A great fight none the less. After I released it- I headed home to the Wife and Dog- We headed for the River to walk Molly and I was casting a  black Roostertail and caught 3 little brownies. It was a great weekend.

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Still Slow

Posted: April 21, 2010 in Brown Trout, Fishing, Rapala, Trolling, Trophy trout

Well, I thought the bite would pick up with some warmer temps but it’s still slow. I have been fishing a few lakes that have recently iced out. Some are still half covered in ice and we had to break our way thru to get out and back in. If the Browns were biting good I would bust thru 500 yrs of ice for a shot at a good fish but after a few weeks of slow fishing  I am starting to wonder if I take the term  “ICE OFF ” to literally.  On Saturday April 17, Brandon and I headed out to a lake that our buddies did well at for lots of smaller fish the weekend before the sound of catching 20 fish a day even if they weren’t huge sounded fun – so we headed out. The conditions seemed right but we couldn’t get them dialed in . We caught 8 browns in 10 hrs but the size was smaller than we hoped for. all between 19-21 inches. the 2 other boats out there had a similar day.

the next day, the north end of our lake iced off so we pounded it  for  5 hours for one 20 inch brown. Not what we want. So the next day I tried a different lake we fished  it for 5 .5 hours for 2 small browns. I am hoping the bite shapes up or I will be getting my Flyrod out to session the rivers. At least I am walking around getting excercise.

It has been a slow ice off and bite so far this year. By now mostly all of my Brown Trout lakes are  usually iced-off and open but this year the ice is sticking around and making it tuff. I fished Friday April 9th in the afternoon and evening with my friend Mark from AC Plugs. we managed 6 browns and a bow.  The bite seemed to be the best around 4:30-6 in the evening but the water temps are still cold and the fish are just not wanting to chase yet- the Bait fisherman are doing well from the shore which proves to me the fish are cruising the bottom looking for easy meals not wanting to use any energy in the cold water. Sat & Sun I fish with my homie brandon and the fishing was ruff- we troll long days waiting for the bite to start but it never did. We managed 2 browns and 5 bows in the 2 days we fished . Lots of lures were tried and different depths and speeds as well.  Maybe if i slowed way down i would have got more bites but I was trolling a little faster to see if I could piss something off. It didn’t work- yet. I did get my 1st fish on one of my Custom Husky Jerks- it was a fat lil bow with a big appetite and lots of fight, it fooled me into thinking it was a brown.  ..The biggest fish of the 3 days was my 22 inch brown.

April 1st 2010 was the first day I was able to launch my boat and do some trolling for spring brown trout. The weather was off and on snowing. the wind was out of the north west  @ 5 Mph and it was in the low 40’s. Water Temp is cold @ 38 degrees. My first fish was 2 minutes after I started and it felt like a good one. I thought to myself ” no way I got a good one this quick!!”  Until i saw it was a 17″  foul hooked brown . BOOO. but better than  a skunk. I got 2 more browns and then my buddy Mike Neilsen hopped in the boat and he got a skinny brown  to end out our day. The fish have been sitting on the bottom all winter as you can see by all the leeches on em-

The bite was slow & the weather was weird with storms here and there- but I went back out  for the next 2 days with my friend Brandon Eyre.  Fishing was slow with less than one fish per hour but we kept at it and manged to hang some rainbows and browns. Nothing big yet. Biggest fish of the 3 days was Brandons 3.5 pound  Rainbow with beautiful colors on it. In 3 days of fishing we caught 9 Browns and 7 Bows -Once the water temp warms up a bit the fish are going to start wanting to chase lures and the bite will be on !!. I can’t wait till next weekend.