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Here is a fresh batch of custom painted lures, straight out of BrownTown’s man lounge. Watch Out, Brown trout.!!! I painted up a few of my go to lures in my custom rainbow and frog patterns. I already know the custom Rainbow is proven and effective color. But this is my 1st attempt painting the frog pattern. I got interested in the combos of yellows, greens and blacks after reading ” Big Trout”, by Ray Johnson. Plus -those ” frog” colors have been real good in the rivers for big fish this year. so I figured I would test it out in the lakes.


Headed out after work for the evening bite on May 24th. It looked like a promising evening until the winds died down and the rain sub-sided.  My Friend Cmeans and I tied on the same lure- mine was a custom painted Rainbow and his a black n gold straight outa the box– 10 mins into our first pass I got a nice rippin’ bite and fight. and released a nice fat 21 inch brown.   That when the wind quit and so did the bite. We trolled for another hour before I got this chunky bass to the boat. & It was looking like my custom rainbow was out fishin the stock color. and then another 1.5 hours went by before Chris got a feisty 16 inch brown. 3 solid fish in 3 hrs not bad for a quick fix. The water temps are 49-50 degrees.

It was May 22, 2010  we launched the boat on the lake while the snow was falling . The wind was mild but the conditions for this lake seemed perfect for hooking a double digit Brown Trout. 2010 has been a unreal year for big browns in the western U.S. . Oregon, Nor Cal and Wyoming have been producing some LARGE Browns, even a 21 pounder. Now, that is what gets me going.  To hear first hand stories about how the fish were caught, where they were caught. and to know that at anytime I could be next lucky guy to have a legendary story to tell.  My Net man Brandon and I headed out to a lake, that less than a year a go I got my 2nd 10 pounder from. This lake fishes well in the wind and snow. Plus the snow and wind, helps keep the  bank fisferman off the points -so I can troll how I need to. The storm started to fizzle out and the bite was slow- we would get a lil 10 inch rainbow every half hour , which is more annoying than gratifying. I mean we are trolling  7 inch lures, the last thing I want is a 10 inch rainbow. A few of those lil bows came in all scared up from escaping the jaws of big predator Browns. And it is just proof that trolling big 7- 10 inch baits will someday catch you a monster. Time spent on the water is all it takes.  At 10 o’ clock I lost a brown after it did a 4 foot high back flip and shook me loose. Then a bit later- I got Fu@$ing SLAMMED, I thought for sure I had a big old 15 pound brown , the fight was feeling legit, I could feel head shakes and hard surges for a few minutes I was thinking I had done it again and out fished Brandon-ahaha . then the fish went to dead weight and I started thinking maybe I snagged a Sucker Fish in the ass. and then I saw a big thick fish come up from the depths…sideways!!!! And yes it was a huge 5 lbs Sucker hooked in the side. AARRGGGHHH!!! Brandon thought it was pretty funny because this same thing has happened to him 3 times before and twice on this same reservoir. So with mine, that make 4  trophy suckers foul hooked that teased us into a thinking we had THE ONE.

This reservoir always seems to turn on late. 11 o’clock to 4 pm are the best times.  And on this day we didn’t get a brown trout  in the boat untill 2pm . It was a great hit, fight and fish- 22 inches and fat. It had a cool silvery color with big ol’ fins.  I released it and kept on trollin-

So then Brandon catches a lil brown with a nice red colored Adipose fin.  Here’s where it gets a bit weird. Brandon get a strange light feeling bite and reels in his lure- that just barley has someone else line on his hook-and then 20 feet back a nice 15 inch rainbow was attached.  We laughed and he said well that was luck and will never happen again……….then 30 mins later, I get a strange bite . and the same thing happens to me. We couldn’t believe it happen again. the line was just wrapped around my lure , barley hooked. We release both those lil bows- to seek more havoc on the Shore fisherman. !!! We Kept at it – trolling big lures. waiting for the bite. Brandon got bit around 3 pm and got a nice 20 inch brown. The in the same spot on next pass he got a good bite that stuck him in the bottom. we turned around and on the next pass same spot he got a cool colored 21 inch brown that looked a lot like my 22 incher. We kept at it and got another bite – this time it was a Bass- A Big bass for this lake. The biggest i have seen in last few years. it ate a 7 inch rainbow Rapala- as I tried to get a pic next to the boat -it flipped out and shook the lure but I got a cool pic of the lure flying back at me..  we ended up trolling 10 hours for 6 lil bows, 4 browns, 1 bass and a snagged sucker.

Storm Pra-Troll

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It was May 11,  the storm was still lingering around from the night before. I hoped the bigguns were still biting & I knew this was my last chance before I went to my lil sister Keely’s wedding in SLO.  Brandon saw the 3 fatty I got the previous night and also hoped to repeat. Right away on the fist pass I got a nice silvery blue Brown, not big but it got the skunk off.  Next was a bass- shook it off and kept trolling from there on out it got good till dark. Brandon and I kept catching silvery blue Browns one after another. We even got 2 doubles which is uncommon with Browns- So we were loving it. The size of fish was not as good as the night before but they were biting and that’s all u can ask for when out on the lake- in the rainy weather. In 3.5 hrs we got 8 Browns and a bass. Right at last light in the last possible second I got another Brown, but this one decided to steal my lure right next to the boat and go jumping away shaking his head as I shook mine.

Afternoon De Bite

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Weather was perfect . The storm was rolling thru in isolated cells and the lake was calling my name as I drove Home from work. Lucky me, my Wife Nicole said I could go. So I was gone- On a Solo Mission. On the lake by 5:30 pm -Nothing for the first few passes and then while the wind and rain came in , I got a good bite. I fought the fish and knew it was either big or hooked funny cause it felt heavy. It was a yellow colored 21 inch fatty,  hooked weird because it slammed the bait and rolled. By the time I released her- the Storm was gone and calm waters flowed over the lake.

40 mins later the wind came back up  and I got a 18 inch cutthrought and I got a nice bite and looked back to see a thick Brown tail walking and dancing outa the water. I turned the boat back and netted a super chunky 22 incher.  She slammed my lure and bent the hooks-

so I switched out lures and went right back to that spot-Bam Slammed by another Fat brown this one was 23 inches and had also been eating well.

Calm waters and clear skies greeted Brandon and I, as we launched my boat for another round of Brown trout tollin’.  The lake is low for this time of year and the murky water and debris that is usually present hasn’t been a factor- yet.  The Brown trout are still lurking but they only want to bite every so often. We average just under a fish per hour while trolling, which to most people is painfully slow, but I will take it as long as it’s a Brown that Bites. . On this trip Brandon had just re-stoked his tackle box and was ready to go with a bunch of New cool looking lures–plus all the tried and true ones we know work.  Unfortunatly for Brandon the only thing that looked at his lure all day was a Bass- ha. It was a nice 16 ” smallmouth on the troll.  I seemed to have the right color on-  Rainbow,  using AC stick and Rapalas. I got 5 browns from 17-22.5″. The biggest went about 5 pounds. When it hit- the line ziinngged hard and burned my thumb, I thought I was snagged since my lure was in 4 feet of water of the tip of a point- but then I felt a nice head shake and knew I had my biggest brown of the year so far.. We release her  for next time.

I went back alone the next morning from 6:30 till noon. I got 2 more small Browns and another Bass. I missed 2 bites that felt good but didn’t stick.

After seeing lots of big nice Browns being caught fly-fishing, I decided to join in on the fun. I was lucky &  got to fish with my friend Eastman. He is the MAN, when it comes to throwing big streamers for big trout. I started @ 9am and right off the bat I knew the bite was going to be tuff. I had Ice forming on my guides every 10 mins. it was a quick, dry, and windy colf front that moved in. I never do” really” good in these conditions on the river or lake. I missed 2 nice fish both over 20 inches from a undercut bank- both had the streamer in their mouths and shook me loose. Upstream i got a nice 19 inch brown, that I quickly released as I needed to get upsteam to meet up with Eastman. We fished some of the best water on the river and couldn’t get them to bite as often as they had been the past few days. Eastman broke the silence with a fat 23 inch cutty, then the next cast a nice 17 inch brown.

In the next hole I missed a HOG that did a 180 and followed my streamer, then ate it and started to do the death roll. I had him for 5 seconds and Eastman was running to help take pics- then he shook me free and was gone. In that same hole we ended up missing 4 other bites. Later I got a nice lil pure Cutty and then a nice 17 inch Brown . Eastman got a 19 incher that I got a sweet sequence of exploding release pics .After that- Estman left and I continued down stream, missing one more nice 20 inch plus fish from under a weird gnarly undercut bank. .  It was a great day, even if I did loose lots of big fish .

It had been snowing all week. Plus, it was a full moon. The conditions seemed tuff but perfect for hooking a monster Brown trout. We were on the water trolling by 5:30 am .but nothing happened till for a few hours.  Its seems that this lake’s bite is a late morning and mid day . 1:30 pm seems to be consistent.  Brandon did the most damage with 3 nice Brown all about 22 inches long, in shallow water. I got 2 smaller Browns and Bow. We trolled for a solid 8.5 hrs.

The next day we were anxious to try a fairly new lake, that I have tried once before with no luck!!! I  was looking forward to another shot at a secret lil lake. The Lake is awesome this time of year , the high water creates tons of good rocky shorelines.  We were making good amounts of fish all day in 35 feet of water down around 15 -20 feet. . We trolled shallow and got a 5 bows and then started working deeper water to suspended fish but nothing out there wanted to eat. So we went back shallow and found 2 Brownies ready to play. Brandon got slammed by a nice lil 20 incher. Our 1st Brown outa this Lake. Now- we know they R in there!!  I followed B’s up with a little 16 incher not big – but… the right color. We trolled 6 hrs that day – making it  a total of 14.5 hours  for the weekend with 7 browns and 6 rainbows to show. Next week- I just want one BIG ONE. .. Please.