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It feels like it has been months since I’ve caught a good solid Brown Trout and everyday that  a double-digit Brown gets caught is a day that I shake my head in disappointment. I’ve  trolled hard all spring and never broke the 6 pound mark !! Although I had a few foul hooked fish that made me think otherwise. On June 17th I took my co-worker and friend Dejohn out  to try to catch some fish. We trolled the shorelines looking for trout, but it was very slow and as the sun started to set I was surprised with 2 little Walleyes. I had never caught a Walleye before so I snapped a quick pic to document and kept trying for that TOAD but it never happened. What did happen – sucked!!! As I was putting the boat on the trailer the Steering system gear box shattered. 2 days later and $275 dollars poorer, the boat was back in action. 

Fathers Day, My wife Nicole and I took her dad Gary up to catch some Tiger Muskies, but with the slightly cooler water temps this summer the Muskies were nowhere to be found. But there is alway awesome veiws up there and it was a fun day out on the lake.

A few days later I was itching to catch  a Brown – so Dejohn and I headed out after work to try.   the debris was aweful-we were getting crap on our lines every few hundred feet making it real tuff.  I got slammed and thought for sure I had a good one- but it turned out to be a feisty 19 inch Bow that fought and fought. Dejohn kept trying and it felt good all evening but it never shaped up. So Dejohn went from catching 9 fish in his first outing with me several weeks ago to getting 2 skunks back to back……Yep that’s fishing for ya….

Anyways it was now June 26th and I wanted a big Brown and so did Brandon- so we meet up early and fished all day. The lake is topped off full, plus all the floating debris makes it hard to troll right up on the shorelines but the water-color is starting to clear up and the temps are up meaning the trout have a lot of energy. The perch fry are abundant in the shallows and the Trout and Bass are there eating them. Most of our fish came from shallow flat points that had grass on em’. I belive the perch fry are hiding in these shallow grassy areas and the Browns are patrolling them regularly. Rainbow pattern was the best color of the day,  for all species that we caught Bass, Browns and Rainbows.  The biggest fish of the day was my 21 inch Brown, we had 6 other smaller Browns, as well 3 nice 19 inch plus Rainbows and 3 lil Bass.  We trolled 9 hours for 13 fish- Not a bad day!!!


Murky Weekend

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I kinda hate this time of year. The snow run off is so high that the lakes and rivers look like chocolate milk- or as my buddy Brandon would say, ” U say it’s chocolate milk but I say it’s watered down Yoo-hoo”.  Even though it was murky we decided to give it a chance. The rainy weather was pouring down rain all morning, making the murky water even worse. But right out of the start, Brandon caught a 20 inch Brown. It was a big surprise considering there was less than one foot of water visibility. &  it must have been luck, because we trolled for 2.5 more hours for nothing!! It was still raining, so we called it a day.

The next day I met up with 2 of my old college buddies: Jimbo & Fries. We decided to go hit up Current Creek and see if the Green Drakes were hatching. This was my 1st time there and it was a super small creek with lots of little beaver dams to fish above.  The Rainy weather prevented any sort of hatch from happening but we still all threw big Dry flies and lil droppers and surprisingly fish seemed to want to play. Each of us managed a few fish on the dry and dropper but it was Fries who caught the biggest one of the day-

It was a nice little Brown Trout that was pretty big in size for this lil creek.  I had fun throwing the Dry fly for little fish but deep down inside I knew I should be fishing somewhere else…anywhere else would have bigger fish than these puny trout. Right now in my life- I am on a mission to catch double digit Brown Trout–hell, I’ll take any double digit fish”-even a carp”- over a micro trout on  a dry fly.  Although I did have fun hanging with old friends and seeing some new beautiful country but this murky weekend felt like a waste of time to me. Oh well, at least I was alive and outside.

Dejohns’ Day

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My good friend Michael Dejohn wanted to go out with Brandon and I and see what trolling for trout was all about.  Saturday June 5th, the water levels at our Brown trout lakes are fluctuating greatly and from my past experiences – I know that makes the Brown bite very difficult. So,  we decided to take him up to Strawberry to catch some Cutties. Strawberry is a huge lake and there always seems to be fish biting. I know a few tricks that work well up there and tied on a BRIGHT orange and gold Rapala H13 to Dejohns rod.  Bam he got the 1st fish, and the 2nd, and the 3rd….ect.. then, I got one on a bigger lure with similar colors -Now Brandon is searching through his tackle box  but not sure to go big, small, orange… for him, the guessing game was played ALL day. But not for Dejohn, he kept hooking  fish after fish. This was his first time out trolling for trout, so he was having a blast fighting and holding the fish for his 1st time. One of those fish was a FATTY. I have fished that lake close to 30 times and have never broke the 22 inch mark- I have caught a bunch right at 22″, but never over. Well now Dejohn comes out and reels in this chunky 23.5 inch Cutty. This fish had a weird deformed lower jaw and was super clean and fat. Probably weighed about 5.5 pounds-  What a beauty.

We seemed to had found the spot or I should say ” point” . 9 of the 12 fish we caught came from this same point. It wasn’t too much later when the wind picked up and the bite fizzled out. But Dejohn and his Lucky Orange lure kept at it.  He reeled in another big Cutty.  And again this one was  over 23 inches. Not as fat as his other but a quality Cut to say the least.  What a day Dejohn was having !!! Meanwhile Brandon was still scrambling thru his box looking for anything that looked orange. And right at the end of the day he finally caught a lil cutty, ending his skunk for the day.  Then,  I got slammed and had a nice 22 inch cutty to the boat. And then Dejohn got a rainbow. But we ended our day after a 19 icher demolished the lucky orange Rapala, retiring it for good.  On the way home we told Dejohn, he either had beginners luck or was a hell of a fisherman-Ha.

I got up early the next morning for a solo Walleye Mission but was dissapointed and only got a small Bow and a Beautiful sunrise shot of Mt. Timpanogis.

Memorial weekend

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Friday May 28th 2010, Brandon and I decided to do an evening troll for Browns before we went camping with his family for the weekend.  We were on the lake @ 5 pm  and got the first fish just a few minutes into our troll. it was a 20″ Brown. The Fishing was slow and we couldn’t get dialed into a certain lure or location. So we just kept trying everything , everywhere.  We trolled till dark  but never caught anything of size.  although we ended up with 7 lil’ Browns, a bow, a bass & a chunky Cutthrought.  We almost had the  SLAM – we just needed a Tiger Trout and Perch to have caught all the species in the lake -in one trip.

The next day we headed out to do some Camping in some remote, but beautiful country..& …Nicole and  I finally got to meet Brandon’s Family and what a TREAT it was to spend the weekend with them. Brandon took me down to his Granpa’s river land  on the Duchesne River and showed me all the places he and his dad used to catch fish back in the day. The river was super cool with a bunch of good holes but the water was dirty from run off making the fishing tuff. But I  manged to catch a nice Brown Trout on a black Rooster Tail. It is alway cool to catch your first fish from  a new place.

On Memorial Day, I took Nicole and my father-In-Law, Gary out to catch some browns. We were surprised how little fishing pressure there was for a Holiday & I had high expectations for the Day.  But the fishing was horrible. I tried all my go to spots…nothing… and alll my goto lures…nothing…. so I just told myself to forget about fishing and  just enjoy your day off -out on the lake with your wife and father in law. And then,  that’s when Gary said ” OH I got Bottom” and I said ” no way that’s a fish” . He had finally got the bite -we were waiting for. After a good lil’ battle Gary had his personal best Brown to the boat. A cool spotted 21 incher. He released it and not to much later his rod was Bendo again. This time he caught a fat lil’ 19 incher.   Nicole was patiently waiting her turn and while testing out my new custom painted Frog color she caught a nice Smallmouth bass on the troll. Nothing else wanted to play out on the lake so we switched gears and went down  to the river. And it was the best night we have had on the river yet. Between Gary and I – We caught 12 Browns . & Each of us got a 17 incher . Which is a solid fish from that river. This was a Memorial Day , that Gary won’t soon forget. I think I got him hooked on Trout fishing now.