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Mid July Brown

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Brown Trout, Fishing, Rapala, Trolling

My friend Chris asked me  if I wanted to go for a quick troll before work . But my initial thought was” Dude its July!”  & then he said he wanted to take HIS boat, so I was down with it. .  We met up at 6am and started trolling shallow lures in tight to see if any trout were in feeding but when we noticed the water temps creeping above 70 degrees we made the call to bust out the Leadcore and troll deeper. Leadcore suck but it is way better than the downrigger. I don’t know what the water temps were down deep but we marked some suspended fish at about 20 -30 feet down while trolling out in 50-70 feet of water.  I missed a bite on the drop back and after we turned around I got another bite- this time it stuck and I worked the fish in to the boat, but not before I became tangled in Chris’s line- I didn’t know if it was a big fish, it just felt like a normal 20 inch fish- I put the boat in gear to keep pressure on the fish while Chris untangled our lines, once free I slowed the boat down and we saw that I had a short but FAT Brownie.  Not to bad for a quick 3 hour session before work – A mid July Brown will always turn your frown upsidedown-it sure did for me!!! Summer sux


Grandaddy Basin

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Brown Trout, Fishing, fly fishing, hiking

Summer time heat requires a bit of hiking to escape it. My wife Nicole, her dad Gary, and our buddies Wes ans Jason took the dogs for a long walk. We had plan to fish hard and three of us packed in our float tubes 4.5 miles to do so.  The Grandaddy basin is located on the south slope of the Uintas mountain in the Ashley National Forest.  This time of year is beautiful, flowers are in full bloom and the grasses and trees are lush with green. My 10-year-old Basset hound, Molly, was in full charge keeping up with us and the bigger dogs. No rocks, creeks or 4.5 miles up hill was going to slow her down. We hiked all the into Betsy Lake and set up camp.

While we pumped up the float tubes, Molly Dog took the opportunity to rest up for the hike back.

Wes’s float tube was a tru Mcguyver but it worked and he landed a small Brook trout on his 3rd cast.

The Fishing was slow but Nicole got a 10 inch Brookie from her tube and I got a 11 inch Cutty  from the shore since my tube went flat after only 10 mins. It is a super cool little lake with lots little creeks and ponds to explore near by.

The next day we hit Fisch’s River House and Nicole showed me how it is done and caught a really nice Brown Trout on  a Dry fly. She saw it rising as soon as we got there and she creeped up and 4 cast later was hook’d up and smiling. After she released it we continued to fish and missed many on the streamer but could never get anything more to hand.

June 30th, I was fishing by 4:45 am. I had a big AC plug on for the first hour but nothing big wanted to eat.  I down sized lures and still nothing……probally because recently the trout had been eating well, and all good thing must come to an end, right? Yea but it sucks when it is slow.  I managed 2 Browns and 3 bass while trolling the shallow shoreline. Biggest Brown was 20 inches. I trolled till 9 am and called it quits.

Friday July 2nd, after work I rolled out to the river to throw some big nasty streamers for trout. With-in the first 30 minutes I had missed 4 really nice sized Browns. Streamer fishing is awesome because if you do it right and watch your streamer you will SEE every fish that either looks at it, bites at it or just gets out of its way.  One of the fish was sitting at the tail end of a slow deep run and when it swam up and rolled OVER my streamer I almost crapped in my waders. It was a solid 25-30 inch fish-my gut instinct told me it was 28inches and that’s no lie.. I continued way up-stream but nothing else wanted to look. So I went back down stream  a few hours later and hooked into one of those fish I had missed when I arrived!!!! But after a good take and shake it was gone, AGAIN.

On Saturday July 3rd, I took out Brandon and Dejohn for some Brown Trout trolling.  Dejohn has still yet to catch  a Brown so he was down for an early start, but we didn’t get out there till 6 am.  Right off the bat Brandon got a nice lil 16 inch Bass and cursed the boat for the rest of the day. It was a “Lance Bass” kinda day with only 10 dink bass for the 3 of us all. With all the boat traffic on the lake we just trolled till 12:30 pm.

I woke up the next morning and decide to hit the river again. I was walking the bank and thinking about those big Browns I had missed 2 days before. With my frog pattern Circus Peanut tied on,  my Heart was pounding as approached the slow deep hole.  I was trying to be stealthy and first wanted to put the perfect cast into the end of the run  in case that 28 inch hog was in the same spot.  Nothing.  Next cast was dead center into the hole, nothing. 3rd cast was at the top of the rifles in the bubbly water and when it came out into clear water I could see a dark shadow in hot pursuit. Before I felt it grab, I saw it open it mouth and eat so I stuck em good and the fight was on!!!!  This 21 inch brown had a hunch on it’s back and after I took a quick pic and a self portrait I released ” Quasimodo ” for next time. I continued to fish but nothing else was chasing the streamer so I nymphed for a bit and caught 3 nice Mountain Whitefish and a baby Cutty.

Monday July 5th, I went back for more. I can’t sleep well when I know right where a fatty is living and that 28 inch Brown I thought I hooked a few days ago was haunting me. As I drove up to the river,  I saw there were already people fishing my hole!!!! nothing takes the wind out of your sails like that -now I won’t get a chance till next week to try for that fish- oh well. I drove up river and met up with my friend Rich-  He had a nice sized Whitefish on when I got there it was a fatty 19 incher.  He said they had been catching fish on small dry dropper set ups but I had my sights set on a toad – so I kept on tossing my big nasty articulated streamer.  Bam… my 1st cast into a unfished hole I stuck a nice one, that instantly ran me 500 feet down stream before I was able to stop it.  It was a solid 20 inch Brown -that made my day.

After that Rich and I worked some good-looking water with streamers but didn’t turn too many fish. On the way back down stream I casted into a small pocket of fast, deep water. After 4 good cast I thought ” oh well ” and then BOOM  outa nowhwere I got slammed and once again was making a mad dash down river to keep up.  Rich missed my 1st Brown of the day but was right there for the 2nd and I could hear him laughing as I ran down the bouldery bank.  This was a pretty colored Brown about the same size . Rich snapped a few pic and we called it a day. So far the fishing this July has been HOT.