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After 2 weeks of seeing pics and hearing stories of EPIC dayz in mid August catching Brown Trout on a local river,  I finally had to make the trip out there to catch a few for myself.  I met up with  Fries and Jimmy and their dogs Dora and Woody. We got a late start due to road construction and the UHP fuzz harassing us because he knew we were better fisherman than him so he gave me a ticket . But when we got to the river all was forgotten and we had are sights set on some Fat Trout.  These are some of the prettiest fish I have ever seen, Bright Gold with Big Black spotting patterns and thick as a brick.  They fight harder and jump higher than any other river I’ve fished.  We were hooking fish right and left but when they come back-flipping 3 feet outa water, most the time they shook are barbless flies right out. I had several big fish over 20 inches give me the middle finger as they kart-wheeled down stream.  Jimmy was having a great day and his 1st fish was a Nice one.

Right after he released it,  he walk back into the same hole and stuck one even bigger!!! I heard him screaming for me down-stream to come take a pic. but I was to busy fighting a little guy so I never saw it, but he said it was the same length as the other but way more girth and a huge Hookjaw.  Fries was also getting into some nice fish but always seemed to be just far enough away to not get a pic, except for this nice guy.

All our fish were caught Nymphing little Iron Sallies, PMD’s and Sow bugs, we all tried the Hopper dropper thing but nothing was looking up so, Nymphing it was… I had lost several biggies and released 3 medium-sized fish before I hooked this cool spotted Brown.

Did I mention these fish fight hard!!! Because they do!!! I would seriously consider a 6 weight rod next time I go there because these fish made my 5 weight almost crack!!! Almost!! So much fun!!


Summer Sucks!!! I love cold temps and so do Big Brown Trout, so when a friend mentioned that a lake near by has a good August Brown bite because of the Kokanee spawn -I was all over it.  I invited the only friend of mine I knew, who would be crazy enough to try with me, Brandon.  We know that the Big Browns are in there and we had BIG plans to troll BIG Kokanee imitation lures. We started fishing @ 1pm. The Lake was really low and the water temps were in the 70’s but the good news was we were marking big schools of Kokes all over the lake  @ 30-50 feet  The lake is super small and easy to cover and I felt like we should get bite at any time!!! But the fishing was painfully slow.  The first day Brandon was the only one to get some action with 2 Browns caught on  leadcore 30 feet down, the biggest was 18 inches.

We trolled all day till 10 pm and then headed in to try in the morning.

We were up fishing @ 5:30 am but the morning started out slow and by the time we called it quits @ 12pm we had only caught 2 more lil Browns. It was a beautiful lake and I could only imagine what we would have caught if the water temp were 20 degrees colder. At least we didn’t get skunked, even though it feels like we did!!.

I found an article on-line that talked about the “Hidden Hole” on the Middle Provo River and immediately decided I needed to fish it.  It was the 1st weekend in August when My wife Nicole and I walked up to check it out.  This section is a public river surrounded by Private farms which makes access difficult but Trout healthy and big.  As we walked up-stream winding thru thick bushes and at times crawling under them, I honestly felt like I was in a different country it was so thick.  We started to realize that it was in fact a ” Hidden Hole” . Not to many people enjoy walking this kinda bank and it would take a while to just walk in the river bed all the way up there.  After an hour trek we saw some really cool looking water and also noticed the Farmers had their own Private parking lot right on the river. We passed a few of them as we kept working up-stream and they looked at us like ” Damn Crazy people I,m glad I don’t have to walk thru that S%#* to get here”.  I will have to admit that those farmers have got some Sick water to fish  and it looks like I will be back making this trek a bunch in the future. On Nicole’s first few cast into the deep blue-green hole she tricked a feisty lil Brown to eat her Green Drake Dry.

Then on my first cast with a Roostertail I got slammed by a solid 20″ plus fish that after a few headshakes and runs showed me who’s the boss and bite me off . I tied on another lure and Bam next cast same spot got this nice lil chunk Brownie. After I released it we headed up-stream and on the next cast I got a 17″ Brown , this “Hidden Hole” sure was good to us!!! We’ll soon be Back 4 more…..