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This is the time of year I love to troll for Brown Trout. I’ve been on Ebay all summer slowly buying up a few old Rapalas and AC’s  for the fall fishing.  I decided to try out some dark-colored  lures with jet black bellies to troll in low light conditions, these will be the first lures tied on and last cut off for the day.


I also painted up some Fall Bows. Now these lures get me excited just holding one in my hand I can tell the Brownies will eat-em-up!!!


I got all next week off to troll these lures around the lake- I can’t wait!!


October always leaves me scratching my head….some days are slow, most are really slow but as each day rolls by the fishing here in Brown Town gets better and better!!  We started out our Month by heading north to the big river to chase big egg eating trout and celebrate Mikey Fries’ dirty 30 Birthday.  The Kokanne are spawning this time of year and the rivers fish really good with a egg and a worm pattern flies.. Plus I was throwing some big stuff too and  I saw the big fish I wanted as it chased my streamer up to my feet  he saw me and that was the only big fish encounter we had on our trip up north. I’ll be honest, my wife Nicole out fished me on this trip.

She stuck to the nymph rig and caught some feisty Cutties, Whitefish and a Brown. She even hooked a Kokanee for a bit before it shook her loose. Wish there would have been a little more water flowing and more Kokanee spawning- the bite never got real good but the sunset was amazing.

It has been a hot fall so far temperature wise,  and on Oct 9th it finally got cold and cloudy. Brandon got the itch to go trolling so we meet up early to see if the Browns were out and hungry.  They were out but not too hungry.. We started trolling at 5:45 and finally got bite at 7:30. It was the first Brown of the fall trolling season-18 inches. I managed another the same size, then Brandon got one a little bigger- all caught trolling shallow There is still some Bass hitting our lures and Our friend Dejonh caught a fat 16 incher. The next Day I made it back out with Nielsen, but the clouds had left and so did the Browns- we trolled all over but only managed a 18 inch Cutty and some Bass and Bows..Water temps are still 57-59 degrees.

So the next Friday I decided to hit the River to check the flows and Reddds. The is little flow but plenty of redds with Browns spawning. I hope we get some more water here soon these fish could use the extra room and Oxygen.. I was chucking a Peanut and turned a few nice fish- one was exceptionally big but I missed it and spooked it out. I landed one right next to a boulder and a nice 16 inch Brown  came out and whacked did 3 or 4 backflips while trying to escape, I released it and kept walking up-stream..I was noticing redds in the shallow tailouts and casted directly upstream into a fast deep channel, as my streamer drifted down the bank this Brown swims up, does a full 180 degree turn up over a rock with it’s back half way outa the water and chases it downstream 10 feet- like a Great White shark it was so cool- I pulled my streamed outa the water and watched the big male dart back and forth looking for it.. it was PISSED it had missed a free meal and wanted it bad…i was holding my breath the hold time as i place a new cast in the and as soon as he saw he swam up 5 feet and crushed it–Boom it was a 22inch fall hookjaw.

The next day I took Nielsen up to the Berry- he had never been before. It was a zoo..people everywhere and all excited about some recent big fish being caught. We trolled my usual spots but the fish were all dinks and nothing worth staying for. I finally put on  a 5″ AC skinny rainbow and managed 2, 18-20 inchers.

Then on Sunday the 17th I met Brandon at the lake to chase some Browns. We were expecting a storm but it never developed and neither did the brown bite.  we started at 7:30am and didn’t get a Brown till 1:30pm. Lots of little Bows in the lake and if u had something small on you could catch 100 of them.  We noticed a school of Albino rainbows 6 inches long dart out from the shoreline as we trolled by- and when we went through that cove again we saw tons of these little albinos. Brandon jumped for his tackle box to match the hatch and after he changed to an orange lure   and on our first pass through the albino cove -BOOM – 21 inch Brown. We tried to pound that spot for a while longer but never got anything else to bite- Water temps here are a bit lower than the other lake at 56 degrees.Just a couple more weeks to go till Nov.  and I got a week vacation to just Fish, Fish and Fish.. Stay tuned!!