Well the Brown Trout season started off just as one would hope: cold, rainy, cloudy and wet.  Brandon and I were the only boat fishing in the rain on Halloween eve and it seemed to pay off. We only fished for the last 3 hours of the day but we managed to land 8 Browns. We had a double that turned out to be cool- Brandon caught another Tiger Trout.

A fish that is not known to be in the lake yet he and I have caught 6 in the last 3 years. Another cool thing was we saw a bay boiling with chubs which I rarely see on this lake- it was a bait ball and Browns had it corralled …. so we went back and forth thru it and caught the 2 nicest fish of the day. Brandon used his first attempt at a  custom painted Brown Trout lure and it worked great. I used one of my custom painted Low Light lures.

The next morning was not as good as the night before. The rain was gone and all that remained we high thick clouds.. The Conditions reminded me of 2 year previous when I caught my 1st 10 pounder. And I was hoping to get another double-digit Brown.  I hooked a good fish only to loose it a minute into the fight- it was pulling hard and I was too trying to not let it take me into the bottom to snag me up. That’s when I felt a pop..I thought it broke me off but it had straightened out the hook and shook me loose. It then came to the surface and rolled leaving a solid mark in the water. Brandon called me a farmer and laughed.  But the first fish we landed was a nice one

and we hoped the day would stay the same..it didn’t..At the end of the day  Brandon got the biggest –  a short, fat, round, 22 inch 5 pounder. We trolled from sun up till 4pm  for 7 browns.

Monday morning I did a solo mission looking for the big one. I started at 6:30 am and the sun rises at 7:15 am – I had trolled for an hour before I got a bite and it felt good- It was in the same area we found the bait ball and where I had gotten my hook straightened. I got the fish to the boat and could see it was a nice 23-24 incher- just as I reached for the net he Gator rolled and shook me loose.  I fished hard for several more hours for 2 more browns. 18″ and a solid 22 incher to end my day

….. Actually I went to another lake and fished till dark cause a friend had caught a real Big Brown there. That lake is a real head-scratcher. Nice Fish Ken!!!

Tuesday- Skunked- or …might as well of been-  I snagged a Sucker in the butt!! he must of thought I was named Brandon.

Wed- Skunked- the weather is just too nice for November.

But I got a new camera and I am loving it!!!

PS.. all fish were Released…

  1. Aah Yaa Productions says:

    Nice way to kick off the season. Are you guys custom painting your own lures? We’ve been doing that a bit ourselves to achieve the patterns and colours we’re after. Are you starting with blanks or stripping back existing lures?

    Cheers, Greg

    • Ya just sanding down old and new lures to get the colors we like on the lures we like.. I have painted a few blanks and that was easy and turned out good too.. I still got a lot of practice to do with painting- but I think any thing u fish will work- as long as u have confidence in it.

  2. Forbiddenx says:

    Nice Blog browntown! I can’t wait to see what you cooked up.

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