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Friday Nov.5th- After a long slow week of fishing alone I was anxious to get some company in the boat. Brandon and I met up for the evening troll but the high pressure system and 60 degree weather was still Killing the bite. .  Water temps are a little high still too at around 55-54 . We fished from 3-7 for one chunky Cutty .

The next day we hit it early 6 am and had our buddy Michael Dejohn  join. He still has yet to catch a Brown Trout.  The weather was supposed to change but that nice high pressure system was still set in over the state. BOOOOO Dejohn started us off with the first fish …but it was the wrong species.. it was a Cut and he needs a Brown.  The Bite was slow I managed to hook a Brown, Brandon caught one too but lost it next to the boat after a classic- Bamboozal. My line was all tangled in his and the brown looked at that cluster F.. and spit the hooks.  Brandon hooked another Brown and as it leaped outta the water it shook his hook again.. it looked like a 3- 4 pounder. Brandon was just off this day – That’s 2 Browns he Farmed while poor Dejohn has yet to feel one bite.

So the next day I decided to hit it late for the evening troll. A storm was coming in late that night and the Low pressure was moving in.   Brandon wussed out on me cause of the slow fishing we had the day before, so I had Nicole come out and join the fun . It was windy… and slow.. we fish from 12 till 6 for 5 browns, 2 bows and a bass. All Browns were spawned out and skinny but really cool looking.

Tuesday November 9th: Finally some Brown Trout Weather!!! Cold, nippy and even colder My friend Chris Means and I launched the boat at 6:20 am . Means caught the first fish an hour later- a Dink Bow.. We turned around and as I let my lure out..BAM 40 feet behind the boat I got slammed . It was a super chunky Brown-Short but fat.   After that I got 3 more skinny browns- They almost look like a completely different strain of fish.

And in the last possible second as we were tolling into the boat ramp Means was jerking his rod calling in the Browns-” come on give me one last brown before we…ohh got one!!!”  It was a nice cool spotted brownie. We headed into work at 9:30am.

The next morning I wanted more.. This time Dejohn met me at the ramp for some pre-work trolling.  Right outa the gate I got a long skinny Brown on my Low light Custom AC Plug.

Then Nothing …………it was cold- felt good, I missed three quick hits in  a row but never could get the Browns to bite  Until Dejohn grunted ” oh yea” He had a nice bite and got to fight his first Brown Trout. He was stoked- another species checked off the list of life.

On the way back to the ramp–boom I got a good solid bite that shook me after 3-4 seconds.. ARRGGRR That was a good bite.!!!!