November Trollin’#2

Posted: November 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Friday Nov. 12, 2010


I snapped this pic of Molly a few weeks ago but just noticed that I captured a Brown Trout jumping up the waterfall too.. !! WOW.. what are the chances of two getting two things I love in one photo. And if you really knew how small this lil creek is then you would realize that I got LUCKY.  real lucky. Dude that is a toad of a fish for that creek.



Water temps are down into the mid 40″s…boy did that happen quick!!! The Browns are up higher in the water column and in the shallows feeding before winter . 3 pm After work I had to get out to see if the bite was on . Boom as I came across the same point I caught my 1st 10# Brown on , I got SLAMMED. It felt good and I saw the fish splash off the point, It looked good. It pulled and shook it head like crazy and I was saying to my self ” wow this I a great fight- it’s fighting better than both of my 10 # Browns”.. as I brought it boat side I got a glimpse of a Pink side–Rainbow??  Yep Rainbow. !! Oh well – It was a solid one at least. probably around 5 pounds.

Next I saw a fish break the surface and as I trolled thru- i got nothing- so I stopped to reel in to move- when ..Bam on the retrieve….A nice big spotted Brown.

Dejohn joined me for the rest of the evening and he managed 3 nice Brown between 16 and 18 inches.

The next day we started at 6:30am… and Dejohn had a nice Bass to get the Skunk off the boat. Then he caught what I keep telling him about….. A nice sized Hookjawed Brown Trout. 22″

Right after that I caught one a little bit longer but way skinnier. 23″ spawned out Brown Snake.

The bite slowed down so we move to the North and I immediately caught another nice little hookjaw. The Browns and Bigger fish in general are out on patrole…This time of year it can happen at any second.  And it only takes a second to turn a slow day into the day you dream about.

Not much later, I got a good bite  and finally had some weight on the end of my G Loomis IMX rod.  It was a nice thick Brown at about 5 lbs. With cool silvery colors.

I have noticed all my big fish this fall have been from the same area. So we flipped around and a few passes later on the retrieve I caught another skinny Brown. This guy leaped outa the water 4 times and then tried to take my into the shallow moss in the back of the bay.. I love the spots and halos on this fish!!

Next day– it was a slow morning.. Not untill 10:30 did I get a bite.  I managed 3 browns from 19-21 ” and lost a good fish next to the boat that looked to be about 5 pounds.

14 Browns caught in those 3 days.. and lots lost.


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