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Ice Off

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March 26th, 2011  the ice is melting all around the state !! Some lake are now  ice free, others are half covered still and the smaller lakes are still frozen solid.   Now the old timers always say” ice off ” is the best time to hook a big Brown and every year I try to be the first boat on the lake to make sure it me,  who hooks it !!  Brandon and i decided to hit a new lake that just Iced off the day before instead of hitting our half frozen lake, we’d been hitting all month.   My wife said not to leave fish for fish- but with the Ice off you got to at least try !!!  Weather was cold  – it was 19 degrees when we launch and water temps in the mid 30’s.  As we trolled around it felt right but for the first few hours we got nothing – at about 9:30 I got a good bite that ripped line but also was shaking it’s head like crazy – till it shook the hooks.  That was the best bite of the day !! Brandon and I kept after it and by 1 pm we had 6 Browns and a few Bows.  The Browns were not big but they were really colorful and I alway enjoy seeing different fish from different waters.  Some of these Browns had big black spot, lots of bright yellows and blue cheeks.But nothing of size wanted to play.

At 1pm we decided to go back to our other lake to see if we could hook something over 20 inches. we were the only boat on the lake and the wind was creating a perfect chop on the water. It felt fishy- but after only a Cutty, Brown and a few Bows we decided the big boys weren’t biting and to end our day at 6pm..  I love this time of year when no other boats on the lake and you can catch fish all day no matter what size they are -we had FUN!!


March 18th,  – Brandon and I got out on the lake at 3pm- According to him and his “Magic Fish Calender” the next 2 days were ranked as the BEST days in North America to fish in all of 2011. So,  if the bite is supposed to be that good, we planned to be on the lake as much as we could.  We set out lures to topline shallow, and right after I clicked my rod into gear- SLAM ” Fish On”!!! We both just looked at each other and started giggling Maybe his ” Magic Calender” was right. The fish felt good and fought great- it was a chunky, silvery , 24 inch Brown.

Not a bad start- now it was Brandons turn… and 3 mins later he said ” fish on” as we giggled like lil kids at Disneyland…  But it was just a Bow.  5 mins later we had another nice Bow. We had 3 fish in the first 20 mins !!  But then it slowed down and we trolled around looking for a bite- Brandon got a good tug on his line and finally caught his 1st Brown trout of 2011. it was a skinny 20 incher that had it’s fins all beat up. But at least it was a Brown .

We continued to pick up lil Bows every now and then, and when you feel that slam and ziiinnggg, you know it aint no lil Bow !!  ” it’s a Brown ” I said as reeled in  a chunky 20 incher with sparse spotting.

Brandon got the next fish, he thought he had a Brown but it turned out to be a chunky 19 inch Cutty.

The bite was slow but we were catching fish every hour or so- My lure got eating next by a cool colored Banana Brown- it was a skinny 21 inches but had AWESOME colors to it- I hope to get one over 10 pounds with colors like this one day!We trolled till dark but nothing else bite.

The next day we were back on the water at 7 am – it was still dark and supposed to be the BEST day of 2011- we were excited to see if that would come true!!   The Morning bite Suckd’ – we trolled for 2 hours before I caught a Bow- Then Brandon got a Bow. Then somebody flipped the switch and 15-20 mile an hour winds came ripping outa the south , It was hard fishing and we hide from the wind as much as we could but with Ice still on half the lake there was not too many places to hide.  We pounded the one spot we could and I couldn’t believe we were not getting more action- until I remembered it was also a Full moon- We waited for that mid day bite to come around cause of the Moon and @ 12:30 I finally got a good bite- it felt big …and fought like a big fish- but once we saw it ….it was half the size we wanted- But it was a 22 inch Brown and a cool looking one at least.  The wind blew us off the lake at 3pm- the bite wasn’t on – it was slower than it had been-and from here on out,  I won’t be looking at Brandon’s “Magic Fish Calender “- screw that thing- haha.

Sunday March, 20th- it was a beautiful Morning with hardly any wind- I was able to talk my wife, Nicole into fishing with me. To see if the magic calendar was just off by a day or so.. But it wasn’t . Another slow day of fishing is just fine with me- I love just being out on the lake watching the Bald Eagle eat dead deer carcasses left over from the Cougar and coyotes. and then outa nowhere that nasty 20 mph wind picked up- We stuck it out and Nicole caught 3 Bows and I got a really cool looking Brown. The Brown was in the same spot as the one from the day before and ate the same lure too.

PS… We released all our fish

March Madness !!

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Ice Fishing sucks!!  I’ve had 5 days out on the Ice this year and only 1 fish to show for it–  Thank goodness the Ice melted off 1/3 of my favorite Reservoir !!  It was March 4th when we decide we HAD to go fishing in my boat .  Brandon and I each called the Park and asked them to plow the Ramp for us- to our surprise they DID !  Well… they did HALF of it ….

So March 5th Dejohn and I showed up with shovels in hand ..and 2 hours later… we were the 1st boat on the lake for 2011.

Would it pay off, like it has in the past ???  You bet it did…. !!!



In 6 hours of trolling, we caught 6 nice browns!!  the first fish of the year was Dejohns’ 19 incher.  And not long after that fish I got my first fish– A 25″ 5.5 lbs Brownie- Not a bad start!!

We each caught a few Chunky lil Browns..Some deep , some shallow, some using rattles and some with none- -there was really no ” HOT” lure or spot this day- but all the Browns we caught were Healthy looking.

At 4:30 pm with a slight chop on the lake and high overcast clouds,  I got another good bite-   The fish splashed on the surface and I saw that it was a pretty good length- it buried it’s head and ran-  & it felt heavy !!  I had to back the boat up to get it because it didn’t want to come our way- and once we saw it next to the boat- we knew that spending 2 hours shoveling the Boat Ramp was the smartest Idea we had had in a while-  Dejohn netted it for me perfectly !! It was the Coolest looking Brown I have caught yet– Great spots and  beautiful colors !! This Hook-jaw was only 26 inches but weighed over 8.5 pounds!! It’s my 3rd biggest Brown to date- and second biggest out of this lake.

So we went back the Next day….but the big fish didn’t want to bite.  We trolled all day for 2 Bows and 2 Browns- Nothing was over 22″ .

Monday March, 7th – I hopped in Ryan’s boat for an Evening Troll but once again the big fish had lock-jaw-…actually…… they all did- we only got one small Brown that evening.

Friday March, 11th- I was joined by my friend Chris and Mark- Right off the start Chris got a nice 24″ Hookjaw.  The rest of the afternoon was slow – I got 2 other small Browns.

The next morning we hit it early before the sun was up.. but didn’t get anything for several hours.  Then Mark caught a 23″ Brown .

Our buddy Nielsen jumped in the boat and we picked up  a few more small Bows and Browns- It was a very slow day, given the perfect conditions  we had for Trophy Trout. On the last pass, Mark got a solid bite and to our surprise he caught a chunky 24″ Tiger Trout.

It was a cool moment, Mark had been wanting to catch  a big Tiger and he was shocked to catch it out of a lake not know to harbor many of them.

Nielsen and I were right back at it the following day,  but once again ….it was SLOW!!!    I had a good scare when  a 20″ Brown got foul hooked and gave me a great fight– I thought I had a good fish for several minutes until we saw the poor lil guy hooked weird.  The Hours slowly putted by…. and on the last pass, in the same spot Mark had caught his big Tiger Trout – I got hooked up on solid fish !! This one felt good with nice head shakes – I could tell it wasn’t foul hooked -so I knew I had the fish of the day- !   As it fought next to the boat we saw it spit up a big dead fish and then  Mike scooped up the fish in the net… we had a nice 25″ hook- jawed Brown.

Tuesday, March 15th.. I was lucky enough to get out on the lake again and this time I was joined By Freddy Schwartskoff and Fries.  I was planning on driving these two around all day… I didn’t care if I fished or not, just glad to be out with my homies.. Fries started eating a sandwich…??  So I trolled the first run along with Freddy-  20 seconds later BAM.. in the same spot as the previous 2 good fish we had caught days prior,  I had another good one on !!   After a good battle we saw it was a Big Bow.  It also spit up  a dead fish next to the boat- these bigger fish are sure eating good-  Over 6 pounds and 25″  it is the biggest Bow I have caught out of there in  last 4 years – It felt good to finally get a bigger Bow from our lake- I had just been talking to the Fishery Biologist about why there are no Big Bows being caught in the lake . Finally.. one in the net.

Fries and Freddy each got into a few Trout, but we didn’t get any more big ones.