I love fishing, weather it’s by myself, with the wife, dog, or with an old friend. You can’t beat being out on a lake enjoying the fresh mountain air and beautiful views.  Finally, after a few years of saying he wanted to come out and fish with me, my good friend Jason ” Lurch” made the trip out from Cali. I’ve known Lurch since the 6th Grade  and growing up together we both shared a passion for snowboarding, fishing and being outdoors. He has been on a bit of a slow streak lately with fishing and was really needing to catch a few nice ones.

He timed his trip right and we fished the last few days of April looking for some Big Browns. After I picked him up from the airport we hauled up to the river to get his skunk off.  It didn’t take long for him to nymph up a Cutty, Brown and Whitefish. He hadn’t caught too many fish on the flyrod so his day was made!!!

The next day was spent in the boat trolling big lures for shallow water Trout.  Not too long after J’s rod started peeling line and he was hooked up on  the big fish he traveled he for. It was not a huge Brown but it put up  a fight and was bigger than anything he had caught in years.  A 22 ” Hookjaw.

After that fish it was all gravy… so we just kept trolling around the lake while reminiscing the good old times and filling each other in on whats new. That’s the good thing about fishing with friends, and I could do it ALL day. We had fun and we each caught a few more nice fish too..

The next day we hit a different lake. I had not been out there yet this year but I hear the fish are always Starving.  Well the rainbows were hungry. We caught 8 nice fat Bows..Lurch got a nice 3 pounder.. The Browns were just not biting but at the end of the day I got slammed by what I thought was a BIG fish- but after a great fight I was surprised to see just a 20 inch Brown-

With a storm rolling in we left that lake and headed back home. On the way we stopped at my home lake to see if we could  get a evening bite during the snow storm.  The bite was not on ….but… Jay finally got a nice chunky 4 pound Brown.

On our last day of fishing we headed out early but Jason didn’t hook up till the sun popped over the hill. It was a nice 22 inch Brown.  With the clock ticking down till his flight that afternoon we kept trolling and hoping a big fish would come play. We got some bite and some fish but nothing over 22 inches for Lurch. He had that look on his face like he was satisfied to catch  a bunch of fish but now he was even more hooked and wanted MORE and BIGGER fish ..!!! hahahaha that’s the story of my life.  He looked at me and said ” dude we have caught 25 fish in the last 3 days..that more than I have caught in the last 5 years!! ”  Our time was up and those 3 days just flew by..I can’t wait to do it again J..come back anytime or maybe I will have to head out to Cali and show you how it’s done out there.. lol

  1. John says:

    Does it every get warm were you fish? It always looks like your Freezing.
    Light a camp fire or turn the heat on! LOL
    Warm up soon.

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