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Got to the river at 7:30 am.. I was supposed to guide a group of friends on a bachelor party. After waiting till 10 am  with no word from them – We said ” screw this, lets’ go catch some Trout.”   Sucks for those guys cause the bite was on!!! Lots of big fish looking up for Dry flies and also chasing Streamers.  This Big Guy swam across the river, as I watched him T-BONE my streamer.. Hey..When you snooze…you loose.. and I win !!!! LOL


Persistence Pays Off

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

A wise old Fisherman once told me…” When it comes to catching Brown Trout,… Persistence is the key.” I have always had that old voice in the back of my head  and as I lay in bed debating whether or not to get up early and fish that old voice speaks LOUD.  After several lost fish ..( 5 big ones to be exact ) and multiple days of getting spanked on the river, I got up early and headed back out to try again.  It was slow for the first hour with only 1 lil’ Whitefish.  Then at 8 am I met up with Dejohn and we both started working a deep hole side by side.  I saw my indicator twitch and I set into it LATE thinking, ” crap I hope it ain’t big cause I just missed the take”,  So when I did came tight on a fish I set the hook AGAIN.. just to make sure.  It was big.. but… it wasn’t as big as a few I had lost in the weeks prior.  OH well..  At least I got a good one..Persistence does pay off!!!!!


after that one I got another nice Brownie..

and a beautiful way to end the day !!

Summer time is for fly fishing !! Screw the lakes and all the Yahoos out there racing around in their Speed boats, wakeboarding while Blaring Katie Perry songs… I’d rather hike a river into the woods and be the only one around. There has been some big fish caught in the rivers this month and I have tried hard to get one myself too. But I think I missed my shot at it. After my buddy Chris caught the biggest brown of his  life I started pounding the river to get one that size –

I have seen  lots of biggies and hooked em too. I have lost 5 Big Browns in the last 3 weeks and when i say big I mean over 23 inches. I saw all of them that I lost which sucks .. all 5 were from 23-26 inches and FAT. I took my Nicole up there to try her hand at it…and after 4 Whitefish in a row she hooked something BIG.. I came over to help net it.. i watched as she tangled with a big 24-25 incher . when I tried to get it in the net…it just simply wouldn’t fit. this Brown had some serious weight to it and weighted 6 pounds easily. after my second failed attempt to fit this thing in the net- it went downstream into the fast current and Nicole tried her best to follow but it snapped her off leaving us out of breath and beaten on the river bank.  I felt bad I couldn’t get it in the net for her…but thats how it goes with the big ones- in hindsight we should have tried it out for a few more minutes and tried to beach it in the shallows instead of trying with a small net. SORRY Nicole..  Now that the river flows are coming down most of these Big lake Browns will turn around and head back to the deep cold lake. – I will have to wait till November now.. till they come back up river to spawn.  Fishing has been great for smaller Cutties, Bows and Browns and if you like whitefish …well this is the place to be- almost every good drift can bring you a whitey in the 17- 22 inch range- White fish can pull hard I love catching them even if they are not what I’m targeting.

There has been lots of rain this summer – we still have tons of water flowing and the scenery has been picturesque..

We have also fished a few little secret creeks in the Utah back country and the dry dropper fishing for small trout is fantastic and always super FUN!!!