Persistence Pays Off

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

A wise old Fisherman once told me…” When it comes to catching Brown Trout,… Persistence is the key.” I have always had that old voice in the back of my head  and as I lay in bed debating whether or not to get up early and fish that old voice speaks LOUD.  After several lost fish ..( 5 big ones to be exact ) and multiple days of getting spanked on the river, I got up early and headed back out to try again.  It was slow for the first hour with only 1 lil’ Whitefish.  Then at 8 am I met up with Dejohn and we both started working a deep hole side by side.  I saw my indicator twitch and I set into it LATE thinking, ” crap I hope it ain’t big cause I just missed the take”,  So when I did came tight on a fish I set the hook AGAIN.. just to make sure.  It was big.. but… it wasn’t as big as a few I had lost in the weeks prior.  OH well..  At least I got a good one..Persistence does pay off!!!!!


after that one I got another nice Brownie..

and a beautiful way to end the day !!

  1. Rich Christensen says:

    I need to find time to get out and do this.

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