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Back to the stream

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Crap I hate computers. I had a large detailed story and pics written up and ready to press submit.. CRASH .. denied.  SO Here u go. Big Drys = big fish…. plus  a dozens others for me and Nicole!! OOHHH the River Land!!!


I ‘ve been wanting to tow my boat to Oregon for years now!!  Finally our plan came together as my Dad, Uncle Steve and I, all met up at my Grandparents house in Sisters Oregon.  The plan was to fish hard for Brown Trout for 6 straight Days.  I knew the fishing would be slow but I had a chance at a Big Brown  so I was up for it..696 miles later… I was in a campsite at East Lake,  all alone setting up my rods for the morning troll.

I fished all morning for 3 fish, Biggest was a 21 inch Brown.

The next day my Grampa and I fished a little lake. Boy o’ boy was there a lot of fish on my finder. My Grampa thought it was broken it was showing sooo many fish  so I turned it off and then on again just to make sure. It was loaded with fish everywhere around the lake. I only caught a 16 inch Brown and missed another bite that felt pretty good.

My Uncle Steve flew in , so the next day we went back to East lake. One the 1st pass I caught a 17 inch hookjawd’ Brown , but for the next 5 hours we couldn’t get another bite:(

When My dad got there we all decided to head to a new lake that none of us had ever been to. It was a cold November morning…even though it was August 31st. !! My tropical Uncle stayed in the car sleeping with the heater on !! We made a few trolling passes,  I was letting my Grampa drive the boat and on the way back to get Steve, I hooked up with a big ol’ Brown..  It made a few good runs before my Dad scooped it up in the net. It was a 25 inch 6 pound Brown Trout. !! It felt good catching it on my hand painted lure too!

After I released it, I looked at my Granpa and said” I told you they would eat that big lure”…he had lost faith in my techniques over the past few days. !!  After that My Uncle Steve caught a big 3 pound Kokanee, It slammed a deep diving 5 inch lure  ??

The next day my Dad and I went back for 6 hours but couldn’t get a bite ! aarrgghh .. So The following day I went back to that secret little lake my Grampa and I had marked all the fish at a few days pror… to see if I could get lucky!!     NOPE.. same story .. marked lots of fish, felt good about it…but nothing!! That afternoon My Dad and I went out to the Metolious River to catch  a few.. On my first cast… I thought I was dreaming,  as a school of  big Rainbows fought over my fly…

and I was dreaming 😦 I was a Wizard falls fish hatchery, a place we visit every time we are in Oregon. We watched the big Bows swim around the pond eating everything in sight.

We set out hoping to catch one half that size in the river below..I managed 2 Whitefish and lost 2 other fish in an hour. It was a beautiful spot. My Dad snapped a Great shot of me in Paradise !

It was nice to see my Grampa, Grammy, Uncle and Dad- I can’t wait to do it again someday. Oregon is a beautiful State.

Days like this… is why I am,who I am. I love fishing and being in the outdoors because of these guys and it felt good to be out with them again!!

After the long drive back to Utah I met my wife at one of our Secret little lakes .. I know we had a small chance to catch  a BIG fish.. It was so nice to see Nicole at the lake after 650 miles of driving. She brought our good luck charm, Molly Dawg. But we only caught 4 small Browns, Biggest was 17 inches. What a trip !