Back at it!

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am back in Utah from my business travels and I haven’t had much time to fish, let alone blog about my fishing.  Here is the last detailed report I wrote up before I got too busy to fish. –

-Jan 29th

Because of all the newly formed ice, we didn’t launch till 10:30 hoping some ice would melt or blow off. The lake had a layer of skim ice covering 70 percent of the lake. We buzzed over and fished the open water. Brandon caught the 1st fish- a nicely spotted Cutty at 22 inches. We each caught a few Bows but the Bowns were not biting. We ended up trolling a bit deeper and  I caught a 22 incher.

The high thin clouds were slowly accumulating all day and at 2:45 pm with dead calm waters I got grabbed hard and looked back to see a big tail come thrashing out of the water throwing splashes in the air and rolling up my line.  I switched spots with Brandon and he drove us back over towards the pissed off fish.  Luckily It swam out towards us instead of back into the snaggy shallows.  Once near the boat I saw the shape I was looking for with a hooked kype on the lower jaw. Brandon scooped him up and he was ours. At 28 inches 9 lbs this is my biggest hookjaw to date and what a beautiful fish and a great fight. I love the irregular shaped spots near the tail and the red and chocolate spots make this a cool looking predator. Thanks to my buddy Mike Neilsen for showing me one of his secret colors, The BT special fooled this hookjaw.




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