FALL 2013

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Fall 2013 has been a real drag…..Lakes have extremely low water levels and the fishing has been slow for big fish. This is fall Brandon decided to move and travel the world with the OCEARCH crew. He will be tagging sharks and fishing a ton, but I lost my fishing partner here in Utah. Our Friend Joe Mob, quickly filled his seat in the boat. I can’t wait to email him a pic of a double digit brown, that will make him home sick for sure!! Here are some pics of the few decent fish we did catch.

P1080839 P1080830 JOES 25 INCH BROWN NOV 2013

  1. Cadre says:

    Hey I am hooked on browns here in AZ, there is not as much info as up there in UT. I read your hole blog very nice man and will be buying some super gel lol. How do you troll for a brown? I have always bass fished them by casting a #9 Rapala or alike to shore and jerking it back to the boat in the fall and early spring. But I always end up with the same results 18 to 20 inch rarely catching one over 20″ and I hear of bigger ones being caught. I know that you have to keep some secrets I am the same way… But what paint do you use on your lures I can pick the color and all that. I see one lure that you have painted in your pictures what brand is that and how long is that thing? How do you troll for them and dose it have to be deep I have never done it. I have trolled for rainbows but rarely catch a brown even with a Rapala. Any help would be awesome from your blog your fever sounds the same as mine, first on last off and the only one most of the time.

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