My Teachers

I am an avid Fisherman. I believe this is because I was lucky enough to be emerged into fishing at a young age. I have always had a great passion for the outdoors and Fishing is my escape.

I set a goal when I was 25 yrs old. -To become a member of the Legendary ” Brown Baggers Club”, before I turned 30 yrs old. To do this I needed to catch 2 Browns each over 10 pounds …   I knew this would be a hard goal to Achieve with-in 4 years but patience and time spent on the water was what it was going to take.
After my first year I started adapting my techniques and fishing even harder. this more aggressive style was putting some good Browns in the Boat and I know I lost a few lunkers to the bottom of the SNAGGY lake. After my 2nd year I purchased a new boat–Now I had no excuse not to be out on the water.  In the 3rd year I met  Mike Nielsen, of TAHOE TOPLINERS.  He has the Big Brown thing down and after a few trips with him I knew my 1st 10 pounder was coming soon and it did. On Halloween 2008 I  was trolling and caught a 31 inch 10.5 pounder. I was alone that day and when it hit the net I screamed so LOUD people on the freeway probably heard me. I released her to grow for another day.
My 2nd  10 pounder was caught one year and one week after my 1st. Nov. 8th 2009 I had been trollin alone all morning and the fishing was good- but @ noon the bite died off . But my friend Mike Nielsen was meeting me @ 3, so I kept on trolling. No bites between 12 and 3, then I picked up Mike and 15 minutes later I had my 2nd brown over 10 pounds. This Hen was short and FAT. 28.5  by 17 inches. she weighed 10.2 pounds. After I released her I took a chance and thought back on all the fish i had caught in the last 3 years while tying to get into the Brown Baggers Club. Mike just looked at me and laughed because I had the biggest GRIN on my face. And I still do today.!!   –Matt Carollo

Ps… After catching and releasing these 2 elusive Browns, I am now even more addicted to chasing them.   My next goal is Catch a male-“Hookjaw”  over 13 pounds.

All pictures are the property of Matthew Carollo and may not be used  without permission.


  1. I knew the creation of this page was coming. No way could there be such a crazed fisherman and not want to share what you have seen and caught with others.
    Happy Days.

  2. Well Matty, Cool Blog and Im happy you have achieved some lofty goals! You fish hard and put it great amounts of time so each and every fish is well deserved. I am even happier to have got to known you and become friends! A really big one is just around the corner for you for sure….. it wont be long. Lets go get one this spring then next fall I think we may have to recon out some new lakes in near by states! Keep havin fun buddy….. this is what its all about!!!

  3. Paul says:

    I love your blog Matt. You must tell me how you did it some day. I tried to burn the video today but it was too big for the disk. I’m going to have my friend Dennis edit it down so I can mail it soon.

  4. Mark Orlicky says:

    Matt, great site. You’ve done very well with the Browns. And, that big Brown that Nichole got… that is something else again!
    I also liked your article on TTG. Well written, well thought out. Thanks. It was a good read.

  5. Gary Cima says:

    Matt, THANKS SO MUCH for taking the time of putting this all together! I am getting ready now as good fishing is right around the corner!! The pictures ROCK! Wishing you and all others the best of times this year.

  6. Gary Cima says:

    Matt! Been too long getting worried a lunker pulled you DOWN……………..

    LOVE your site. Great work!!

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