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I ‘ve been wanting to tow my boat to Oregon for years now!!  Finally our plan came together as my Dad, Uncle Steve and I, all met up at my Grandparents house in Sisters Oregon.  The plan was to fish hard for Brown Trout for 6 straight Days.  I knew the fishing would be slow but I had a chance at a Big Brown  so I was up for it..696 miles later… I was in a campsite at East Lake,  all alone setting up my rods for the morning troll.

I fished all morning for 3 fish, Biggest was a 21 inch Brown.

The next day my Grampa and I fished a little lake. Boy o’ boy was there a lot of fish on my finder. My Grampa thought it was broken it was showing sooo many fish  so I turned it off and then on again just to make sure. It was loaded with fish everywhere around the lake. I only caught a 16 inch Brown and missed another bite that felt pretty good.

My Uncle Steve flew in , so the next day we went back to East lake. One the 1st pass I caught a 17 inch hookjawd’ Brown , but for the next 5 hours we couldn’t get another bite:(

When My dad got there we all decided to head to a new lake that none of us had ever been to. It was a cold November morning…even though it was August 31st. !! My tropical Uncle stayed in the car sleeping with the heater on !! We made a few trolling passes,  I was letting my Grampa drive the boat and on the way back to get Steve, I hooked up with a big ol’ Brown..  It made a few good runs before my Dad scooped it up in the net. It was a 25 inch 6 pound Brown Trout. !! It felt good catching it on my hand painted lure too!

After I released it, I looked at my Granpa and said” I told you they would eat that big lure”…he had lost faith in my techniques over the past few days. !!  After that My Uncle Steve caught a big 3 pound Kokanee, It slammed a deep diving 5 inch lure  ??

The next day my Dad and I went back for 6 hours but couldn’t get a bite ! aarrgghh .. So The following day I went back to that secret little lake my Grampa and I had marked all the fish at a few days pror… to see if I could get lucky!!     NOPE.. same story .. marked lots of fish, felt good about it…but nothing!! That afternoon My Dad and I went out to the Metolious River to catch  a few.. On my first cast… I thought I was dreaming,  as a school of  big Rainbows fought over my fly…

and I was dreaming 😦 I was a Wizard falls fish hatchery, a place we visit every time we are in Oregon. We watched the big Bows swim around the pond eating everything in sight.

We set out hoping to catch one half that size in the river below..I managed 2 Whitefish and lost 2 other fish in an hour. It was a beautiful spot. My Dad snapped a Great shot of me in Paradise !

It was nice to see my Grampa, Grammy, Uncle and Dad- I can’t wait to do it again someday. Oregon is a beautiful State.

Days like this… is why I am,who I am. I love fishing and being in the outdoors because of these guys and it felt good to be out with them again!!

After the long drive back to Utah I met my wife at one of our Secret little lakes .. I know we had a small chance to catch  a BIG fish.. It was so nice to see Nicole at the lake after 650 miles of driving. She brought our good luck charm, Molly Dawg. But we only caught 4 small Browns, Biggest was 17 inches. What a trip !


Well,  I have not been blogging… but…I’m still fishing !!  Although I can’t tell you where in “Idaho” I was …. We had been catching lots of nice Trout but finally the warm water temps has turned off the bite, so we must find a new place to have our fun ! Here are a few cool pics from our latest fishing trips, nothing to big but all these fish are healthy and fight great……… not to mention they are the coolest looking Hybrid trout around- got to love them tigers oh yea and the Cutties are Beauties too.


We have gone Brown fishing here and there too—but it as been pretty slow for the Brownies this last month, My Bro-in-law Darren got his personal best- a 22 incher and Brandon finally hooked one over 20 inches, it was a cool big spotted Brown with a RED adipose fin, really cool looking fish.- he has had a tuff spring catching Browns- but he is due for double digit soon .

I love fishing, weather it’s by myself, with the wife, dog, or with an old friend. You can’t beat being out on a lake enjoying the fresh mountain air and beautiful views.  Finally, after a few years of saying he wanted to come out and fish with me, my good friend Jason ” Lurch” made the trip out from Cali. I’ve known Lurch since the 6th Grade  and growing up together we both shared a passion for snowboarding, fishing and being outdoors. He has been on a bit of a slow streak lately with fishing and was really needing to catch a few nice ones.

He timed his trip right and we fished the last few days of April looking for some Big Browns. After I picked him up from the airport we hauled up to the river to get his skunk off.  It didn’t take long for him to nymph up a Cutty, Brown and Whitefish. He hadn’t caught too many fish on the flyrod so his day was made!!!

The next day was spent in the boat trolling big lures for shallow water Trout.  Not too long after J’s rod started peeling line and he was hooked up on  the big fish he traveled he for. It was not a huge Brown but it put up  a fight and was bigger than anything he had caught in years.  A 22 ” Hookjaw.

After that fish it was all gravy… so we just kept trolling around the lake while reminiscing the good old times and filling each other in on whats new. That’s the good thing about fishing with friends, and I could do it ALL day. We had fun and we each caught a few more nice fish too..

The next day we hit a different lake. I had not been out there yet this year but I hear the fish are always Starving.  Well the rainbows were hungry. We caught 8 nice fat Bows..Lurch got a nice 3 pounder.. The Browns were just not biting but at the end of the day I got slammed by what I thought was a BIG fish- but after a great fight I was surprised to see just a 20 inch Brown-

With a storm rolling in we left that lake and headed back home. On the way we stopped at my home lake to see if we could  get a evening bite during the snow storm.  The bite was not on ….but… Jay finally got a nice chunky 4 pound Brown.

On our last day of fishing we headed out early but Jason didn’t hook up till the sun popped over the hill. It was a nice 22 inch Brown.  With the clock ticking down till his flight that afternoon we kept trolling and hoping a big fish would come play. We got some bite and some fish but nothing over 22 inches for Lurch. He had that look on his face like he was satisfied to catch  a bunch of fish but now he was even more hooked and wanted MORE and BIGGER fish ..!!! hahahaha that’s the story of my life.  He looked at me and said ” dude we have caught 25 fish in the last 3 days..that more than I have caught in the last 5 years!! ”  Our time was up and those 3 days just flew by..I can’t wait to do it again J..come back anytime or maybe I will have to head out to Cali and show you how it’s done out there.. lol

Well after our Milwaukee trip I have settled down just a bit on fishing but with weeks flying by at work, It is now all I can think about… again.!! The Fishing I have done this month has been decent I bet it would be GOOD.. but I haven’t spent enough time out on the water to get a big one.  Water levels are really low right now and in a week or two they will be extremely high. Our annual snow pack is at 178% .  I have trolled only 3 days and river fished one -Here are  the fish that we have caught.. solid fish but nothing over 5.5 lbs.

I went to Alaska to Film “Wanna’ Go Fishing?”  the Steel Head were not on the bite but Matt Eastman still managed to landed a nice fat one-and several other smaller ones- We made a great show!!

My friend Joe got his biggest Brown yet- and there are rumors of some big fish being caught so I hope the rest of the month will kick out some nice ones. my long time friend Jason ” Lurch” is heading in to town to fish with me- so we will be out pounding it- for 4 days–stay tuned!!

Nicole had a good night on the River- hooked 6 landed 3 – & I got one as well –  Love the red spots!!

March 18th,  – Brandon and I got out on the lake at 3pm- According to him and his “Magic Fish Calender” the next 2 days were ranked as the BEST days in North America to fish in all of 2011. So,  if the bite is supposed to be that good, we planned to be on the lake as much as we could.  We set out lures to topline shallow, and right after I clicked my rod into gear- SLAM ” Fish On”!!! We both just looked at each other and started giggling Maybe his ” Magic Calender” was right. The fish felt good and fought great- it was a chunky, silvery , 24 inch Brown.

Not a bad start- now it was Brandons turn… and 3 mins later he said ” fish on” as we giggled like lil kids at Disneyland…  But it was just a Bow.  5 mins later we had another nice Bow. We had 3 fish in the first 20 mins !!  But then it slowed down and we trolled around looking for a bite- Brandon got a good tug on his line and finally caught his 1st Brown trout of 2011. it was a skinny 20 incher that had it’s fins all beat up. But at least it was a Brown .

We continued to pick up lil Bows every now and then, and when you feel that slam and ziiinnggg, you know it aint no lil Bow !!  ” it’s a Brown ” I said as reeled in  a chunky 20 incher with sparse spotting.

Brandon got the next fish, he thought he had a Brown but it turned out to be a chunky 19 inch Cutty.

The bite was slow but we were catching fish every hour or so- My lure got eating next by a cool colored Banana Brown- it was a skinny 21 inches but had AWESOME colors to it- I hope to get one over 10 pounds with colors like this one day!We trolled till dark but nothing else bite.

The next day we were back on the water at 7 am – it was still dark and supposed to be the BEST day of 2011- we were excited to see if that would come true!!   The Morning bite Suckd’ – we trolled for 2 hours before I caught a Bow- Then Brandon got a Bow. Then somebody flipped the switch and 15-20 mile an hour winds came ripping outa the south , It was hard fishing and we hide from the wind as much as we could but with Ice still on half the lake there was not too many places to hide.  We pounded the one spot we could and I couldn’t believe we were not getting more action- until I remembered it was also a Full moon- We waited for that mid day bite to come around cause of the Moon and @ 12:30 I finally got a good bite- it felt big …and fought like a big fish- but once we saw it ….it was half the size we wanted- But it was a 22 inch Brown and a cool looking one at least.  The wind blew us off the lake at 3pm- the bite wasn’t on – it was slower than it had been-and from here on out,  I won’t be looking at Brandon’s “Magic Fish Calender “- screw that thing- haha.

Sunday March, 20th- it was a beautiful Morning with hardly any wind- I was able to talk my wife, Nicole into fishing with me. To see if the magic calendar was just off by a day or so.. But it wasn’t . Another slow day of fishing is just fine with me- I love just being out on the lake watching the Bald Eagle eat dead deer carcasses left over from the Cougar and coyotes. and then outa nowhere that nasty 20 mph wind picked up- We stuck it out and Nicole caught 3 Bows and I got a really cool looking Brown. The Brown was in the same spot as the one from the day before and ate the same lure too.

PS… We released all our fish

With all the snow, ice and work lately…. I had fun just painting up a fresh batch of Custom lures. I think this will be my last batch with this cheap o’ gun, I got.  Now that I got down a little technique, a new gun should really help take my lures to the next level. Here is my latest batch of Custom Rainbows and few Brown Trout .


Saturday Dec. 11th- I hit a little lake for the afternoon bite- The weather has been awesome for December mid to high 40’s and hardly any wind. I fished from 2:30 -6 pm with Dejohn . I expect to get either no bites or at least on good Brown bite from this lake- The guy at the ramp said I was the first boat in over a week to launch !! I got really excited and knew that at any second a big old fatty could grab onto my lure.  It was slow as usual but we kept Trolling . Each of us got a scare as we foul hooked 18-20 inch browns that put up  good battles  coming in sideways and backwards. And Dejohn fouled a Big old Sucker fish in the side, almost yanking the rod out of his hand.   This lake is always like that- lots of foul hooked fish- weird- must be lots of following of the lures going on! Then Dejohn finally got one to eat the lure with it mouth. It was just a little guy but sure had some cool looking spots.

The next morning, Nielsen and I launched  at 7 am back at my home lake and by 7:45 we had already had a Double on 20 inch Browns and a solid 20 inch Bow. It was a great morning bite going off in a little cove and we went back thru it a few times picking up fish after fish.

That’s when Mike caught the biggest of the day…..hahaha…or should I say, he was making- BAIT!!  Crazy lil’ rainbows got a big appetite.

Capt. Mike Nielsen is Lake Tahoe’s best fishing guide and he is used to driving the boat all the time.. So when he asked me if he could drive my boat I said sure. It felt weird not driving my boat but it also was relaxing to just shoot the breeze and hold on to the rod.  Mike was zipping around and we were catching fish after fish..All of the Browns were pretty looking fish with cool red and black spotting & they were chunky too .

As Mike was driving the boat he put his rod in the rod holder to call his wife to try to get some extra hour time to fish and as he was talking to her- BAM his rod doubled over- I quickly grabbed it and tried to pass it to him but he said- ” nope you touched it, it’s yours now” – I could feel by the first run it took that it was a bigger fish, as I got it to the boat it started gator rolling like crazy trying to break the 10 pound line.  Once I grabbed it we realized it had a big old trout stuffed down it’s throught – it was short and fat but probably weighed about 6 pounds.  It was a tag-team so we each took a pic with it.

It was an awesome morning on the lake- we caught 10 Browns all over 20 inches and 5 Bows. We called it a day at Noon so Mike could go do some Christmas shopping with his Wife and Kid. Thanks for Driving me around and letting me reel in the 6 pounder Mikey!!!

When we started fishing we had cloud cover over us but by the end of the trip the skies were clear . I went back with Nicole from 3:30-6pm and missed 2 quick  bites and got skunked.  The High pressure set in and killed the bite. Oh well.

Wednesday Dec 8th. I was lucky enough to get out on the lake with Nicole to do some trolling. The weather was perfect. Low 40’s and a light chop on the water . We fished  from 2-6 pm and caught 6 Browns, 5 Bows and a Nice sized Cutt.  Nothing bigger than 21 inches but all fish were getting nice and thick as they fatten up for the cold winter.  Since the bite was good, I went back the next day and caught 4 more Browns and 2 Bows. Biggest was  22 inches. I fished 2:30-6pm. The weather was once again nice – in low 40’s but a little less wind to stir stuff up.

After all the Super cold weather the last 2 weeks, it is nice to see some 40 degree temps and clear boat ramps.  Saturday December 4th, Dejohn and I trolled from 2-6pm.  We caught 2 Browns and a 5 Bows.  Dejohn started us off  with a skinny Brown


and I ended it with a chunky Brown . Each of us caught a thick Rainbow. Winter time is when the Big fish prowl and this time of year I expect to catch the biggest and fattest fish as they bulk back up after spawning and they are preparing for the long Ice covered season.

The next day I went back out early in the morning with Neilsen and we trolled big stuff, smalll stuff , glow in the dark stuff, fast, slow ,everything we had we tried but  after 6 hours they just were not biting. Neilsen got 2 Browns but I was never able to hook up and got a big SKUNK.

So I went back the next morning as the storm rolled in. I got snowed on and rained on..then the sun came out , then more rain.. I trolled from 7-11 am for 2 smalll Browns.

Nov. 16th  the water temps are 45-47 degrees and it seems like the average Brown has been getting bigger. Fishing in November is my favorite because your odds of hooking a large brown on the troll is high- it only takes one second for a bite and this time of year any bite could be the one !   Fish are scattered along the shallow shorelines and  all around the top surface layer of the lake.  I fish a lake that has lots of hidden snags to troll around  and if you are not careful every point will eat your lure, so being able to fish shallow is key and if you snag you can go back and reel down to the lure 4-8 feet down and retrieve it.
I met up with my friend Mike Nielsen ‘s cousin, Paul. It was a pleasure to fish with Paul and always a treat to take a free boat ride and let someone else worry about the boat.  Paul came out from California to fish and `he had a bunch of his new Custom painted lures with him to try. Check out his website for some great custom patterns.
There has been a few coves on the lake that I have been doing well and one specific cove I have caught all my biggest fish so far this fall. Paul asked where to go and I said “ I ‘d go over there”  so we did. First pass thru the bay BOOM Paul gets a good hit and a nice 5.5 pound Brown .  After that I got 3 nice 17-20 inch Browns and then had to go in to work.  Paul stayed out for a few more 4 and 5 pound Browns.

The next day I got a call from Paul at mid day and he said he had just released a fat 8 pound Brown !! Nice work Paul.

We met up early the next day to hit a different lake but nothing wanted bite except a little Bow before I went into work. Paul got a nice chunky Rainbow after I left.

Saturday Nov. 20th  was a cold windy morning But Dejohn and I hit it early looking for a Toad. The bite was slow. We trolled for 3 hours before we got a bite- but as soon as it hit I knew Dejohn had a good fish.  It slammed a custom rainbow and started ripping line out into deeper water. And after a few minute battle Dejohn had his personal best Brown . A cool silvery 6 pounder.

Monday Nov. 22nd I got out for a few hours after a Snow storm and managed 3 fish, a Bow, Cutty and Brown. Nothing over 22 inches.
Friday Nov. 26th was a cold one. Water temps dropped to 43 degrees. We had  a bunch of cold Artic air pushed in and it made fishing tough but my Dad was in town for the Holiday and he wanted to fish. We fished 4 hours for 2 Browns and a few little Bows. My Dad got the biggest of the day – a nice 23 inch hookjaw. This fish jump 5 times and gave my Dad a great fight!!

The next day we went right back out same lure, same spot, same time of day and Bam a solid 24 inch 5 pound. hookjaw for my Dad. This fish never jumped it just bulldogged him like a big Brown should. Thanks for fishing in the freezing cold with me Dad. I loved it and it reminded me of all the days we used to fish together back in California when I was a kid. !!!