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I ‘ve been wanting to tow my boat to Oregon for years now!!  Finally our plan came together as my Dad, Uncle Steve and I, all met up at my Grandparents house in Sisters Oregon.  The plan was to fish hard for Brown Trout for 6 straight Days.  I knew the fishing would be slow but I had a chance at a Big Brown  so I was up for it..696 miles later… I was in a campsite at East Lake,  all alone setting up my rods for the morning troll.

I fished all morning for 3 fish, Biggest was a 21 inch Brown.

The next day my Grampa and I fished a little lake. Boy o’ boy was there a lot of fish on my finder. My Grampa thought it was broken it was showing sooo many fish  so I turned it off and then on again just to make sure. It was loaded with fish everywhere around the lake. I only caught a 16 inch Brown and missed another bite that felt pretty good.

My Uncle Steve flew in , so the next day we went back to East lake. One the 1st pass I caught a 17 inch hookjawd’ Brown , but for the next 5 hours we couldn’t get another bite:(

When My dad got there we all decided to head to a new lake that none of us had ever been to. It was a cold November morning…even though it was August 31st. !! My tropical Uncle stayed in the car sleeping with the heater on !! We made a few trolling passes,  I was letting my Grampa drive the boat and on the way back to get Steve, I hooked up with a big ol’ Brown..  It made a few good runs before my Dad scooped it up in the net. It was a 25 inch 6 pound Brown Trout. !! It felt good catching it on my hand painted lure too!

After I released it, I looked at my Granpa and said” I told you they would eat that big lure”…he had lost faith in my techniques over the past few days. !!  After that My Uncle Steve caught a big 3 pound Kokanee, It slammed a deep diving 5 inch lure  ??

The next day my Dad and I went back for 6 hours but couldn’t get a bite ! aarrgghh .. So The following day I went back to that secret little lake my Grampa and I had marked all the fish at a few days pror… to see if I could get lucky!!     NOPE.. same story .. marked lots of fish, felt good about it…but nothing!! That afternoon My Dad and I went out to the Metolious River to catch  a few.. On my first cast… I thought I was dreaming,  as a school of  big Rainbows fought over my fly…

and I was dreaming 😦 I was a Wizard falls fish hatchery, a place we visit every time we are in Oregon. We watched the big Bows swim around the pond eating everything in sight.

We set out hoping to catch one half that size in the river below..I managed 2 Whitefish and lost 2 other fish in an hour. It was a beautiful spot. My Dad snapped a Great shot of me in Paradise !

It was nice to see my Grampa, Grammy, Uncle and Dad- I can’t wait to do it again someday. Oregon is a beautiful State.

Days like this… is why I am,who I am. I love fishing and being in the outdoors because of these guys and it felt good to be out with them again!!

After the long drive back to Utah I met my wife at one of our Secret little lakes .. I know we had a small chance to catch  a BIG fish.. It was so nice to see Nicole at the lake after 650 miles of driving. She brought our good luck charm, Molly Dawg. But we only caught 4 small Browns, Biggest was 17 inches. What a trip !


Summer time is for fly fishing !! Screw the lakes and all the Yahoos out there racing around in their Speed boats, wakeboarding while Blaring Katie Perry songs… I’d rather hike a river into the woods and be the only one around. There has been some big fish caught in the rivers this month and I have tried hard to get one myself too. But I think I missed my shot at it. After my buddy Chris caught the biggest brown of his  life I started pounding the river to get one that size –

I have seen  lots of biggies and hooked em too. I have lost 5 Big Browns in the last 3 weeks and when i say big I mean over 23 inches. I saw all of them that I lost which sucks .. all 5 were from 23-26 inches and FAT. I took my Nicole up there to try her hand at it…and after 4 Whitefish in a row she hooked something BIG.. I came over to help net it.. i watched as she tangled with a big 24-25 incher . when I tried to get it in the net…it just simply wouldn’t fit. this Brown had some serious weight to it and weighted 6 pounds easily. after my second failed attempt to fit this thing in the net- it went downstream into the fast current and Nicole tried her best to follow but it snapped her off leaving us out of breath and beaten on the river bank.  I felt bad I couldn’t get it in the net for her…but thats how it goes with the big ones- in hindsight we should have tried it out for a few more minutes and tried to beach it in the shallows instead of trying with a small net. SORRY Nicole..  Now that the river flows are coming down most of these Big lake Browns will turn around and head back to the deep cold lake. – I will have to wait till November now.. till they come back up river to spawn.  Fishing has been great for smaller Cutties, Bows and Browns and if you like whitefish …well this is the place to be- almost every good drift can bring you a whitey in the 17- 22 inch range- White fish can pull hard I love catching them even if they are not what I’m targeting.

There has been lots of rain this summer – we still have tons of water flowing and the scenery has been picturesque..

We have also fished a few little secret creeks in the Utah back country and the dry dropper fishing for small trout is fantastic and always super FUN!!!

Well,  I have not been blogging… but…I’m still fishing !!  Although I can’t tell you where in “Idaho” I was …. We had been catching lots of nice Trout but finally the warm water temps has turned off the bite, so we must find a new place to have our fun ! Here are a few cool pics from our latest fishing trips, nothing to big but all these fish are healthy and fight great……… not to mention they are the coolest looking Hybrid trout around- got to love them tigers oh yea and the Cutties are Beauties too.


We have gone Brown fishing here and there too—but it as been pretty slow for the Brownies this last month, My Bro-in-law Darren got his personal best- a 22 incher and Brandon finally hooked one over 20 inches, it was a cool big spotted Brown with a RED adipose fin, really cool looking fish.- he has had a tuff spring catching Browns- but he is due for double digit soon .

I love fishing, weather it’s by myself, with the wife, dog, or with an old friend. You can’t beat being out on a lake enjoying the fresh mountain air and beautiful views.  Finally, after a few years of saying he wanted to come out and fish with me, my good friend Jason ” Lurch” made the trip out from Cali. I’ve known Lurch since the 6th Grade  and growing up together we both shared a passion for snowboarding, fishing and being outdoors. He has been on a bit of a slow streak lately with fishing and was really needing to catch a few nice ones.

He timed his trip right and we fished the last few days of April looking for some Big Browns. After I picked him up from the airport we hauled up to the river to get his skunk off.  It didn’t take long for him to nymph up a Cutty, Brown and Whitefish. He hadn’t caught too many fish on the flyrod so his day was made!!!

The next day was spent in the boat trolling big lures for shallow water Trout.  Not too long after J’s rod started peeling line and he was hooked up on  the big fish he traveled he for. It was not a huge Brown but it put up  a fight and was bigger than anything he had caught in years.  A 22 ” Hookjaw.

After that fish it was all gravy… so we just kept trolling around the lake while reminiscing the good old times and filling each other in on whats new. That’s the good thing about fishing with friends, and I could do it ALL day. We had fun and we each caught a few more nice fish too..

The next day we hit a different lake. I had not been out there yet this year but I hear the fish are always Starving.  Well the rainbows were hungry. We caught 8 nice fat Bows..Lurch got a nice 3 pounder.. The Browns were just not biting but at the end of the day I got slammed by what I thought was a BIG fish- but after a great fight I was surprised to see just a 20 inch Brown-

With a storm rolling in we left that lake and headed back home. On the way we stopped at my home lake to see if we could  get a evening bite during the snow storm.  The bite was not on ….but… Jay finally got a nice chunky 4 pound Brown.

On our last day of fishing we headed out early but Jason didn’t hook up till the sun popped over the hill. It was a nice 22 inch Brown.  With the clock ticking down till his flight that afternoon we kept trolling and hoping a big fish would come play. We got some bite and some fish but nothing over 22 inches for Lurch. He had that look on his face like he was satisfied to catch  a bunch of fish but now he was even more hooked and wanted MORE and BIGGER fish ..!!! hahahaha that’s the story of my life.  He looked at me and said ” dude we have caught 25 fish in the last 3 days..that more than I have caught in the last 5 years!! ”  Our time was up and those 3 days just flew by..I can’t wait to do it again J..come back anytime or maybe I will have to head out to Cali and show you how it’s done out there.. lol

Friday Nov.5th- After a long slow week of fishing alone I was anxious to get some company in the boat. Brandon and I met up for the evening troll but the high pressure system and 60 degree weather was still Killing the bite. .  Water temps are a little high still too at around 55-54 . We fished from 3-7 for one chunky Cutty .

The next day we hit it early 6 am and had our buddy Michael Dejohn  join. He still has yet to catch a Brown Trout.  The weather was supposed to change but that nice high pressure system was still set in over the state. BOOOOO Dejohn started us off with the first fish …but it was the wrong species.. it was a Cut and he needs a Brown.  The Bite was slow I managed to hook a Brown, Brandon caught one too but lost it next to the boat after a classic- Bamboozal. My line was all tangled in his and the brown looked at that cluster F.. and spit the hooks.  Brandon hooked another Brown and as it leaped outta the water it shook his hook again.. it looked like a 3- 4 pounder. Brandon was just off this day – That’s 2 Browns he Farmed while poor Dejohn has yet to feel one bite.

So the next day I decided to hit it late for the evening troll. A storm was coming in late that night and the Low pressure was moving in.   Brandon wussed out on me cause of the slow fishing we had the day before, so I had Nicole come out and join the fun . It was windy… and slow.. we fish from 12 till 6 for 5 browns, 2 bows and a bass. All Browns were spawned out and skinny but really cool looking.

Tuesday November 9th: Finally some Brown Trout Weather!!! Cold, nippy and even colder My friend Chris Means and I launched the boat at 6:20 am . Means caught the first fish an hour later- a Dink Bow.. We turned around and as I let my lure out..BAM 40 feet behind the boat I got slammed . It was a super chunky Brown-Short but fat.   After that I got 3 more skinny browns- They almost look like a completely different strain of fish.

And in the last possible second as we were tolling into the boat ramp Means was jerking his rod calling in the Browns-” come on give me one last brown before we…ohh got one!!!”  It was a nice cool spotted brownie. We headed into work at 9:30am.

The next morning I wanted more.. This time Dejohn met me at the ramp for some pre-work trolling.  Right outa the gate I got a long skinny Brown on my Low light Custom AC Plug.

Then Nothing …………it was cold- felt good, I missed three quick hits in  a row but never could get the Browns to bite  Until Dejohn grunted ” oh yea” He had a nice bite and got to fight his first Brown Trout. He was stoked- another species checked off the list of life.

On the way back to the ramp–boom I got a good solid bite that shook me after 3-4 seconds.. ARRGGRR That was a good bite.!!!!

October always leaves me scratching my head….some days are slow, most are really slow but as each day rolls by the fishing here in Brown Town gets better and better!!  We started out our Month by heading north to the big river to chase big egg eating trout and celebrate Mikey Fries’ dirty 30 Birthday.  The Kokanne are spawning this time of year and the rivers fish really good with a egg and a worm pattern flies.. Plus I was throwing some big stuff too and  I saw the big fish I wanted as it chased my streamer up to my feet  he saw me and that was the only big fish encounter we had on our trip up north. I’ll be honest, my wife Nicole out fished me on this trip.

She stuck to the nymph rig and caught some feisty Cutties, Whitefish and a Brown. She even hooked a Kokanee for a bit before it shook her loose. Wish there would have been a little more water flowing and more Kokanee spawning- the bite never got real good but the sunset was amazing.

It has been a hot fall so far temperature wise,  and on Oct 9th it finally got cold and cloudy. Brandon got the itch to go trolling so we meet up early to see if the Browns were out and hungry.  They were out but not too hungry.. We started trolling at 5:45 and finally got bite at 7:30. It was the first Brown of the fall trolling season-18 inches. I managed another the same size, then Brandon got one a little bigger- all caught trolling shallow There is still some Bass hitting our lures and Our friend Dejonh caught a fat 16 incher. The next Day I made it back out with Nielsen, but the clouds had left and so did the Browns- we trolled all over but only managed a 18 inch Cutty and some Bass and Bows..Water temps are still 57-59 degrees.

So the next Friday I decided to hit the River to check the flows and Reddds. The is little flow but plenty of redds with Browns spawning. I hope we get some more water here soon these fish could use the extra room and Oxygen.. I was chucking a Peanut and turned a few nice fish- one was exceptionally big but I missed it and spooked it out. I landed one right next to a boulder and a nice 16 inch Brown  came out and whacked did 3 or 4 backflips while trying to escape, I released it and kept walking up-stream..I was noticing redds in the shallow tailouts and casted directly upstream into a fast deep channel, as my streamer drifted down the bank this Brown swims up, does a full 180 degree turn up over a rock with it’s back half way outa the water and chases it downstream 10 feet- like a Great White shark it was so cool- I pulled my streamed outa the water and watched the big male dart back and forth looking for it.. it was PISSED it had missed a free meal and wanted it bad…i was holding my breath the hold time as i place a new cast in the and as soon as he saw he swam up 5 feet and crushed it–Boom it was a 22inch fall hookjaw.

The next day I took Nielsen up to the Berry- he had never been before. It was a zoo..people everywhere and all excited about some recent big fish being caught. We trolled my usual spots but the fish were all dinks and nothing worth staying for. I finally put on  a 5″ AC skinny rainbow and managed 2, 18-20 inchers.

Then on Sunday the 17th I met Brandon at the lake to chase some Browns. We were expecting a storm but it never developed and neither did the brown bite.  we started at 7:30am and didn’t get a Brown till 1:30pm. Lots of little Bows in the lake and if u had something small on you could catch 100 of them.  We noticed a school of Albino rainbows 6 inches long dart out from the shoreline as we trolled by- and when we went through that cove again we saw tons of these little albinos. Brandon jumped for his tackle box to match the hatch and after he changed to an orange lure   and on our first pass through the albino cove -BOOM – 21 inch Brown. We tried to pound that spot for a while longer but never got anything else to bite- Water temps here are a bit lower than the other lake at 56 degrees.Just a couple more weeks to go till Nov.  and I got a week vacation to just Fish, Fish and Fish.. Stay tuned!!

After 2 weeks of seeing pics and hearing stories of EPIC dayz in mid August catching Brown Trout on a local river,  I finally had to make the trip out there to catch a few for myself.  I met up with  Fries and Jimmy and their dogs Dora and Woody. We got a late start due to road construction and the UHP fuzz harassing us because he knew we were better fisherman than him so he gave me a ticket . But when we got to the river all was forgotten and we had are sights set on some Fat Trout.  These are some of the prettiest fish I have ever seen, Bright Gold with Big Black spotting patterns and thick as a brick.  They fight harder and jump higher than any other river I’ve fished.  We were hooking fish right and left but when they come back-flipping 3 feet outa water, most the time they shook are barbless flies right out. I had several big fish over 20 inches give me the middle finger as they kart-wheeled down stream.  Jimmy was having a great day and his 1st fish was a Nice one.

Right after he released it,  he walk back into the same hole and stuck one even bigger!!! I heard him screaming for me down-stream to come take a pic. but I was to busy fighting a little guy so I never saw it, but he said it was the same length as the other but way more girth and a huge Hookjaw.  Fries was also getting into some nice fish but always seemed to be just far enough away to not get a pic, except for this nice guy.

All our fish were caught Nymphing little Iron Sallies, PMD’s and Sow bugs, we all tried the Hopper dropper thing but nothing was looking up so, Nymphing it was… I had lost several biggies and released 3 medium-sized fish before I hooked this cool spotted Brown.

Did I mention these fish fight hard!!! Because they do!!! I would seriously consider a 6 weight rod next time I go there because these fish made my 5 weight almost crack!!! Almost!! So much fun!!

I found an article on-line that talked about the “Hidden Hole” on the Middle Provo River and immediately decided I needed to fish it.  It was the 1st weekend in August when My wife Nicole and I walked up to check it out.  This section is a public river surrounded by Private farms which makes access difficult but Trout healthy and big.  As we walked up-stream winding thru thick bushes and at times crawling under them, I honestly felt like I was in a different country it was so thick.  We started to realize that it was in fact a ” Hidden Hole” . Not to many people enjoy walking this kinda bank and it would take a while to just walk in the river bed all the way up there.  After an hour trek we saw some really cool looking water and also noticed the Farmers had their own Private parking lot right on the river. We passed a few of them as we kept working up-stream and they looked at us like ” Damn Crazy people I,m glad I don’t have to walk thru that S%#* to get here”.  I will have to admit that those farmers have got some Sick water to fish  and it looks like I will be back making this trek a bunch in the future. On Nicole’s first few cast into the deep blue-green hole she tricked a feisty lil Brown to eat her Green Drake Dry.

Then on my first cast with a Roostertail I got slammed by a solid 20″ plus fish that after a few headshakes and runs showed me who’s the boss and bite me off . I tied on another lure and Bam next cast same spot got this nice lil chunk Brownie. After I released it we headed up-stream and on the next cast I got a 17″ Brown , this “Hidden Hole” sure was good to us!!! We’ll soon be Back 4 more…..

Grandaddy Basin

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Summer time heat requires a bit of hiking to escape it. My wife Nicole, her dad Gary, and our buddies Wes ans Jason took the dogs for a long walk. We had plan to fish hard and three of us packed in our float tubes 4.5 miles to do so.  The Grandaddy basin is located on the south slope of the Uintas mountain in the Ashley National Forest.  This time of year is beautiful, flowers are in full bloom and the grasses and trees are lush with green. My 10-year-old Basset hound, Molly, was in full charge keeping up with us and the bigger dogs. No rocks, creeks or 4.5 miles up hill was going to slow her down. We hiked all the into Betsy Lake and set up camp.

While we pumped up the float tubes, Molly Dog took the opportunity to rest up for the hike back.

Wes’s float tube was a tru Mcguyver but it worked and he landed a small Brook trout on his 3rd cast.

The Fishing was slow but Nicole got a 10 inch Brookie from her tube and I got a 11 inch Cutty  from the shore since my tube went flat after only 10 mins. It is a super cool little lake with lots little creeks and ponds to explore near by.

The next day we hit Fisch’s River House and Nicole showed me how it is done and caught a really nice Brown Trout on  a Dry fly. She saw it rising as soon as we got there and she creeped up and 4 cast later was hook’d up and smiling. After she released it we continued to fish and missed many on the streamer but could never get anything more to hand.

June 30th, I was fishing by 4:45 am. I had a big AC plug on for the first hour but nothing big wanted to eat.  I down sized lures and still nothing……probally because recently the trout had been eating well, and all good thing must come to an end, right? Yea but it sucks when it is slow.  I managed 2 Browns and 3 bass while trolling the shallow shoreline. Biggest Brown was 20 inches. I trolled till 9 am and called it quits.

Friday July 2nd, after work I rolled out to the river to throw some big nasty streamers for trout. With-in the first 30 minutes I had missed 4 really nice sized Browns. Streamer fishing is awesome because if you do it right and watch your streamer you will SEE every fish that either looks at it, bites at it or just gets out of its way.  One of the fish was sitting at the tail end of a slow deep run and when it swam up and rolled OVER my streamer I almost crapped in my waders. It was a solid 25-30 inch fish-my gut instinct told me it was 28inches and that’s no lie.. I continued way up-stream but nothing else wanted to look. So I went back down stream  a few hours later and hooked into one of those fish I had missed when I arrived!!!! But after a good take and shake it was gone, AGAIN.

On Saturday July 3rd, I took out Brandon and Dejohn for some Brown Trout trolling.  Dejohn has still yet to catch  a Brown so he was down for an early start, but we didn’t get out there till 6 am.  Right off the bat Brandon got a nice lil 16 inch Bass and cursed the boat for the rest of the day. It was a “Lance Bass” kinda day with only 10 dink bass for the 3 of us all. With all the boat traffic on the lake we just trolled till 12:30 pm.

I woke up the next morning and decide to hit the river again. I was walking the bank and thinking about those big Browns I had missed 2 days before. With my frog pattern Circus Peanut tied on,  my Heart was pounding as approached the slow deep hole.  I was trying to be stealthy and first wanted to put the perfect cast into the end of the run  in case that 28 inch hog was in the same spot.  Nothing.  Next cast was dead center into the hole, nothing. 3rd cast was at the top of the rifles in the bubbly water and when it came out into clear water I could see a dark shadow in hot pursuit. Before I felt it grab, I saw it open it mouth and eat so I stuck em good and the fight was on!!!!  This 21 inch brown had a hunch on it’s back and after I took a quick pic and a self portrait I released ” Quasimodo ” for next time. I continued to fish but nothing else was chasing the streamer so I nymphed for a bit and caught 3 nice Mountain Whitefish and a baby Cutty.

Monday July 5th, I went back for more. I can’t sleep well when I know right where a fatty is living and that 28 inch Brown I thought I hooked a few days ago was haunting me. As I drove up to the river,  I saw there were already people fishing my hole!!!! nothing takes the wind out of your sails like that -now I won’t get a chance till next week to try for that fish- oh well. I drove up river and met up with my friend Rich-  He had a nice sized Whitefish on when I got there it was a fatty 19 incher.  He said they had been catching fish on small dry dropper set ups but I had my sights set on a toad – so I kept on tossing my big nasty articulated streamer.  Bam… my 1st cast into a unfished hole I stuck a nice one, that instantly ran me 500 feet down stream before I was able to stop it.  It was a solid 20 inch Brown -that made my day.

After that Rich and I worked some good-looking water with streamers but didn’t turn too many fish. On the way back down stream I casted into a small pocket of fast, deep water. After 4 good cast I thought ” oh well ” and then BOOM  outa nowhwere I got slammed and once again was making a mad dash down river to keep up.  Rich missed my 1st Brown of the day but was right there for the 2nd and I could hear him laughing as I ran down the bouldery bank.  This was a pretty colored Brown about the same size . Rich snapped a few pic and we called it a day. So far the fishing this July has been HOT.