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Jan. 8, 2011 We got out on the ice for our first fishing trip of the year.. Brandon, his cousin Chad and I went to Echo looking for a big Brown Trout-  Last year we figured out how to catch em at a different lake …. so we deployed the same techniques at Echo but to no avail.. We caught fish just not the species we were looking for.  Right off the bat, Brandon was tickling up some lil Rainbows outa 20 ft of water, while we soaked big dead minnows in 9 ft of water.  Here is a cool shot of the ” mad dash ” I would have to make from my deep rod to my shallow rod- I think that is my favorite part of ice fishing, running to the rod as it is bending over into the hole !!!!


There is just something magical about staring down at a 8 inch hole in the ice- you never know what could be right below you!!

Chad was jiggin some plastic and caught this Nice well as 3 other nice ones. !!!

I was just chillin’ out listening to Brandon and Chad reminisce about when they used to take Break-Dancing lessons together..when BAM- Fish on!!! I was jigging a little Chartreuse Maribou jig and got nailed by a better feeling fish- As I peered down the hole to see what I had -I noticed it wasn’t your typical Echo Bow, like Chad and Brandon were catching. It was a super dark colored male- !!! Not sure if it was a different strain of Rainbow or  if it was in it’s spawning colors- either way, it made my day!!  We fished from for 5 hours and between 3 of us, caught 12 fish- Brandon 6 chad 4 and me 2. Not bad for our first time out- I can’t wait till next weekend when we can get out on our secret lake in our secret spot and hook some Big Browns- One of my Goals for 2011 is to land a trout over 7 pounds thru the Ice. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!

I don’t mind catching Bows as long as they are as pretty as this one-

PS.. All our fish, always get released.